Alan Wake 2 Radio Tower Rhyme Puzzle Solution

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Alan Wake 2 Radio Tower Rhyme Puzzle Solution

If you are an explorer or completionist, you cannot miss the chance to solve the various nursery rhymes that you can encounter in the game. In this case, in this article, we will deal with the Alan Wake 2 Radio Tower rhyme puzzle so that you can have a detailed guide on how to get to the solution of this puzzle and get the rewards you deserve. But let's proceed step by step.

Alan Wake 2 Radio Tower rhyme

The first thing to know is that you will have the opportunity to solve this puzzle in the Local Girl chapter. After you have to head in the direction of the Coffee World Gift Shop as part of the main story, on the path that takes you to this location, you will have the chance to solve this Alan Wake 2 Radio Tower rhyme. Follow the path, always going north, and, at a certain point, you will see an area on the map called Radio Tower. That's where you're headed.

The exact location of the Alan Wake 2 Radio Tower rhyme is located just south of the Radio Tower itself, in a small cove located in the woods. By reading the note located right next to the rhyme, you will understand that, as usual, you will have to correctly position a doll on the drawings in order to solve this puzzle. In this case, you should already be in possession of the deer doll (you can see its position on the map at the bottom of the article in case you have not collected it previously), which will be positioned on the drawing of the house located at the bottom left.

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Once you have positioned the doll correctly, a sort of distortion will appear, which will confirm that you have made the right choice. However, be ready because you will not be alone. You will have to face enemies who will attack you, two possessed wolves, to be precise. Use the flashlight to stun them and give you the opportunity to attack and defeat them. Once defeated, it will finally be time to reap your rewards.

Turn towards a nearby picnic table and walk towards the safe haven light. Right outside, in fact, there is a red supply box with a deer carcass next to it. Right in front of the deer, you will find the deer charm to take, which will allow you to increase your resistance against being staggered and interrupted, an enhancement that will surely be useful to you during your adventure in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Radio Tower rhyme

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