Alan Wake 2 Morgue: How to Get Out of It

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Alan Wake 2 Morgue: How to Get Out of It

Alan Wake 2 is a game full of mysteries, codes, keys, passwords, and puzzles to solve in order to continue your adventure. In this case, after meeting Nightingale, you will find yourself in an area called Morgue, where you may have difficulty understanding how to get out. For this reason, in this Alan Wake 2 Morgue article, we will explain in detail what you will have to do to be able to get out of the Sheriff's office and be able to continue with what the game has to offer you.

How to get out of the Sheriff's Office in Alan Wake 2

Once you have met Nightingale for the first time and you have collected the gun that is located right near the entrance to this area, the time has come to collect all the clues that are present and place them in your Mind Place so that you can create your own theory. Once you have reached your conclusion, you will talk to your helper Casey about what you have discovered, and you will then have the opportunity to leave the Alan Wake 2 Morgue.

However, given the structure of the game, finding all the clues necessary to reach the right conclusion may not be an easy thing to do. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to show you in detail all the steps that you will have to follow in order to exit the Morgue and continue with the game. By doing this, the doors to this area will open, and you will be free to leave.

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First of all, the first thing to do in order to exit the Morgue is to talk to Casey and exhaust all the dialogue options you have at your disposal. Once you have done this, you can continue with the next steps. In this regard, we advise you to pay attention to what is said in this conversation, as it will reveal some very interesting and useful details at the end of the game.

Alan Wake 2 Morgue

Now that you have finished talking to Casey, the next move to make is to collect the Manuscript Page which is located near the body of an officer found in the room. At this point, what you will need to do is go to the Mind Place Case Board and look at the Cauldron Lake Murders files. Once this is done, you will have to stick the Nightingale Attacked Us card on the board to start a new thread. Now, you will also have to attach the manuscripts that we told you about previously in the section “Where did Nightingale go?”.

Once you have placed these manuscripts, the last thing you will have to do is to talk to Casey again. During your conversation, your work partner will start walking right in the direction of the entrance. This will allow you to leave the Morgue and begin searching for Nightingale and her heart. Don't breathe too much of a sigh of relief, as you will soon be called upon to face a boss fight that can be a bit complex in some situations if you don't follow the right strategy.

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In any case, this first area serves to make you understand that in Alan Wake 2 it is vitally important to place the clues that you find gradually. In fact, if you don't do it, you won't be able to continue the story. In this case, it is very likely that after reading the manuscript, you understood the direction the game wanted to take, but you will still have to dedicate time to building your Mind Place and connecting all the clues you find.

Ultimately, Alan Wake 2 is a game with a strong investigative component, so it is more than normal that the developers have decided to make this part where you actually have to reconstruct everything by making use of what has been found to be an important part of the gameplay, without which you would not be able to continue the game. Therefore, whenever such a situation arises, our general advice is to explore and analyze the surroundings well to find what you are missing in order to continue.

Alan Wake 2 Morgue

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