Alan Wake 2 Door Knob: How to Get the Hunting Rifle

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Alan Wake 2 Door Knob: How to Get the Hunting Rifle

In order to obtain the hunting weapon, you will first have to find the Alan Wake 2 door knob, otherwise, you will not be able to continue and get the weapon. This door in question is located in the Wellness Center area and, although it is not a main objective to find the door handle, those who intend to acquire the weapon will necessarily have to do so. In this guide, therefore, we will explain where to find the Alan Wake 2 door knob and obtain the hunting rifle.

Alan Wake 2 door knob location

The first thing you need to do if you want to get the Alan Wake 2 door knob is to use the computer located in the Security Room to release the security doorlock. In one of our previous articles, we explained in detail how to find the Wellness Center computer password, but in case you want a quick answer, the code you are looking for is 170823. However, if you are not in a hurry, we advise you to read the other article in order to understand how this password was deciphered.

Once you have unlocked the computer and used it to release the security doorlock, you will have to head towards the Ward Reception area until you reach the first set of automatic doors located in the northern part. At this point, use the wooden door to enter the Staff Lounge, turn right, and go through the door you will see right in front of you. Now you will finally have reached the reception desk area and this is where you can find the Alan Wake 2 door knob. Go towards the box on the ground and pick up the object.

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Alan Wake 2 door knob

Alan Wake 2 hunting rifle location

Once you finally get the Alan Wake 2 door knob, go back and go through the Security Room and use the door knob on the door to the Workshop. The Alan Wake hunting rifle will be found right in an open locker in this room. At this point, you will have finally taken possession of this weapon and will be able to continue with the main mission of the game (in case you are a completionist and are looking for trophies or achievements, don't forget to explore everything carefully ).

The Alan Wake hunting rifle is certainly a very powerful weapon that can be useful in some sections of the game, such as for example to defeat certain bosses that you will have to face in order to continue. However, ammunition for this type of weapon is scarce, so it will be up to you to know how to manage it as best as possible and use it only when you really need it and on those occasions when you cannot help but use the Alan Wake 2 hunting rifle.

Alan Wake 2 door knob

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