Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters Location: How to Get Them

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Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters Location: How to Get Them

In a game like Alan Wake 2, solving puzzles and finding keys and codes are fundamental aspects. However, as often happens, reaching the areas where these things are located is not easy and we often find ourselves faced with closed access. And this is where the Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters come into play. In fact, as in any self-respecting survival horror, there is also this type of tool in Alan Wake 2 that will allow you to enter areas that were previously blocked so that you can discover the secrets that lie within them. In this article, therefore, we will reveal the Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters location and how to obtain this tool.

How to get the Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters

Continue through the story until you get to the Return 5: Old Gods chapter and you will have to visit the Valhalla Nursing Home as part of the story to find Tom Handerson. Once you have completed the main objectives, the game will teleport you back to an Overlap, and you will find yourself in an abandoned bunker. In this place, you will come across a generator that you will have to activate. However, be careful: there will be an enemy guarding him, so neutralize the threat first and then proceed.

Once the generator is working again, look around, and you'll notice a red light right in the room before the generator. Pull the lever and this will cause a passage to open right in front of you. Enter this passage that has just been created and the towers in a shabby room (like everything else in the place, by the way). At this point, exit the room by taking the door at the back and you will notice some graffiti on the left.

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At this point, go to the right and continue the path. The place will be full of signs telling you to pay attention, so heed them and be careful and vigilant. However, as you continue along the pre-established path, you will notice that the rooms will always be the same. In order to get out of this place, all you have to do is go around each dead end and follow the numbers one to five that you will see on the walls and doors until you reach some stairs.

Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters

Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters key

At this point, once you have managed to exit the bunker, you will see a tool cabinet in front of you. The Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters are right there but, unfortunately, you won't have the key you'll need to open the cabinet and get the Bolt Cutters. But don't worry: in this guide, we will tell you how to acquire the Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters key and finally be able to add this tool to your inventory (you will need it, trust me).

Near the cabinet, there is a red light similar to the ones you saw previously near the generator. Use the switch and proceed into the next room. In the back of this room, there is another red light that you will have to activate to make the room change slightly. Now, in fact, you will be able to see some cabinets in the various corners of the room that contain supplies, but what you will really have to pay attention to is the table with a drawer that is on the right. In fact, right inside that drawer, you will find the key you are looking for.

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Now that you finally have the key, nothing stands between you and getting the Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters. Then, return to the location where the first cabinet you encountered is located and use the key to open it. Once you have collected the Bolt Cutters, the game will reward you with the Cut Short trophy or achievement, and you will have the opportunity to use this tool to gain access to other secrets hidden in the game world of Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Bolt Cutters

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