After 6 Years, CoD Pro Faccento Retires

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After 6 Years, CoD Pro Faccento Retires

Brice “Faccento” Faccento retires after 6 years of Call of Duty competition, will “pursue other opportunities in the esports industry.”

Following a 1-6 start to the 2019 Call of Duty Pro League, Brice “Faccento” Faccento of Evil Geniuses has announced his retirement from Call of Duty Competition via a Twitter Post:

After a strong showing in the Pro League Qualifier by Faccento and his team, EG struggled to find their footing in the League.  Nevertheless, tangible problems with the team’s performance, particularly in Search and Destroy, necessitated some sort of change.

Ironically, Search and Destroy was one of their stronger game modes at the Pro League Qualifier (they were 6-2) and Faccento was a big reason why. But much like the team, Faccento’s individual performance did not translate from the Qualifier to the League itself. Moreover, with the CWL Fort Worth Event taking place soon, EG felt they had to make a change.

Call of Duty says goodbye to one of its finest competitors

Whether Faccento’s recent struggles are due to a lack of team chemistry or a lack of individual motivation with this Call of Duty title is unknown. Faccento’s passion has been second to none throughout his career, that much we do know. Known for his fiery playstyle and incredible S&D performances, his retirement signals the loss of a pillar of competitiveness for the Call of Duty community.

Faccento’s most iconic professional moment came at the 2015 Call of Duty Championships in Advanced Warfare. Faccento and Team Revenge came out of nowhere to finish second place in the tournament. They took home $200,000 with an unknown roster. On their way to second place, they defeated a Prophecy NA and a FaZe Red team who knocked out tournament favorites OpTic Gaming.

Since his rise in Advanced Warfare, Faccento’s career has been filled with insane highlights. At the 2015 Call of Duty Championships, he once instructed casters to spectate him during a Search and Destroy round. He proceeded to get a Sniper’s Ace. At MLG Orlando, Faccento used the ‘Glitch’ specialist ability to clutch a 1 vs. 3.

Faccento can always return

Whatever Faccento has planned next, only he knows. There’s no doubt his incredible game sense will have him in high demand among the coaching ranks or as an analyst of some sort. Moreover, his knowledge of the Call of Duty scene will open other business opportunities as well, especially with Call of Duty moving to a franchise model next year. And of course, do not rule out his return as a player in the future. If Faccento has the passion to make it happen, not much can stop him.

Nevertheless, he has left his stamp on Call of Duty in indelible ink. The CoD community poured out their support for Faccento on his twitter timeline following the announcement. We wish him the best of luck in his search of greener pastures for his future. The entire CoD community knows that his unparalleled passion will find him success no matter what he decides to do next.

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