Complete AFK Journey Voice Cast List in 2024

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Complete AFK Journey Voice Cast List in 2024

Going through the full ensemble of AFK Journey's voice actors in our complete AFK Journey voice cast guide.

AFK Journey is a free-to-play gacha RPG that soared to the top of Google Play Store charts just three days after its release. It's gorgeous visuals, forgiving gacha system and expansive world all work together to make it a great time-killer. But what got most people's attention was the sheer amount of voice acting in the game.

In AFK Journey, every quest NPC is fully voiced. Though the quality of voice acting in the game is mixed, it's still a surprising amount of effort to put into an unassuming AFK sequel.

The voices that go into any RPG improve the game by shaping the identity of each character you meet and elevating emotional moments. So we're listing all of the known voice actors who've worked on AFK Journey, as well as which characters they voice.

Complete AFK Journey Voice Cast

Here's every name that's officially been confirmed on the AFK Journey voice cast so far!

Hero Voice Actor
Ryan Laughton
Ryan Laughton
Male Protagonist Character
Ryan Laughton
Atalanta Chloe Bundt
Bandit Nevilla
Aimee Smith
Hamster Scouts
Aimee Smith
Julie Cheung-Inhin
Valen Mike Bodie
Maid Nola Klop
Joshua Collins
Granny Dannie
Ruth Urquhart
Additional voices Alaina Wis
Mr. Stewart
Andrew Latheron

And that's every AFK Journey voice actor on the official cast! The list obviously seems lacking for now, and there are some potential reasons as to why.

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AFK Journey voice cast

More established voice actors will sometimes keep their role a secret to avoid upstaging the rest of the cast. On top of that, productions that don't legally work with voice actor unions, but hire members from that union usually keep things on the down-low, or have the actors use pseudonyms.

How they look and how they sound are major elements to a character. In-game cosmetics have also become a huge aspect in modern-day gaming. From guns to character costumes, it's common nowadays to see skins up for sale in microtransaction shops. Luckily, AFK Journey also awards certain skins for progressing the story, something uncommon with popular games of its genre.

Voice acting in video games is a legitimate way of earning experience in the profession. But sadly, many still view the job as ‘unprofessional', causing workers to strike it out of their CVs. That said, there's no denying that gaming has emerged as a hundred billion-dollar industry in the past few years, partly due to the recent boom of gacha games like AFK Journey.

That said, the AFK Journey voice cast is bound to grow as more hero characters are announced. Check back in to see the latest additions to the game's vibrant voice cast, and new character's who'll embody them.

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