AFK Journey – Unlocking The Island In Dark Forest 3

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AFK Journey – Unlocking The Island In Dark Forest 3

A lot of people want to know more about AFK Journey Dark Forest 3, so we are about to learn all of the relevant information. Let’s see how to reach the island in Dark Forest 3.

AFK Journey has very interesting locations because it is one of the hottest fantasy RPG games right now. You can visit a lot of cool areas, including the famous AFK Journey Dark Forest 3. This looks like an unreachable island at first, but in reality, you can actually go there. Let’s learn how.

How To Reach Dark Forest 3 Island

In order to go to the AFK Journey Dark Forest 3 island, you have to follow a few specific steps. We know that it is not the easiest thing to do because it requires you to complete specific quests. Here is what you should know and the order you need to follow to unlock this island:

  • Complete the Lost Maiden quest, which will be available in Dark Forest 4.
  • Next, you must go to Dark Forest 5 and complete the Deer Spirit’s Treasure: Secret mission.
  • After that, it is time to head over to Dark Forest 6 and find the Deer Spirit’s  Treasure: Wonder question.
  • Finally, Dark Forest 7 will give you access to the Deer Spirit’s Treasure: Vitality mission.

You will have to complete all of these missions to get access to Dark Forest 3. It is also important to predict them in the right order. Once done, you will find a passage that will take you there. After you go on it, you will find yourself on the island, and you will get a reward for entering it.

AFK Journey Dark Forest 3 – Conclusion

Now that you know how to Dark Forest 3 island, you can follow the steps to reach your goal. Make sure to check how to get your AFK Journey Acorns and check all of our other articles.

AFK Journey – Unlocking The Island In Dark Forest 3
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