AFK Journey Acorns- What Are They and What Do They Do?

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AFK Journey Acorns- What Are They and What Do They Do?

The AFK Journey acorns have an important role in the game, and you are about to learn why.

If you are familiar with some of the gatcha games, you know that they are famous for having different types of currencies. AFK Journey is one of them, so don’t be surprised when you get the chance to use acorms.

But what are the AFK Journey acorns, and what do they do? Well, it is time to find the answers to these questions.

AFK Journey Acorns – How To Use Them

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, AFK Journey Acorns are needed to ascend your heroes. They are one of the things that do that because people can also use Soul Sigils. Some specific characters, such as Celestial, for example, will only allow you to use the Soul Sigils, but others will also let you use acorns.

From our experience, some of the A-Rank characters fall into this category. People who want to level them up need to spend 200 acorns. This will allow these characters to reach Supreme.

As for the S-Rank, well, they will need 50 AFK Journey acorns to reach Legendary (assuming they are on Epic+). Once ready, they need 100 to go to Mythic and then 200 to reach Supreme.

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Other Facts about AFK Journey Acorns

Something that you should remember about this item in AFK Journey is that it is specific to the given faction. In other words, you should get Graveborn acorns to upgrade the Graveborn heroes. Needless to say, people who want to upgrade Wilder heroes will need to get Wilder acorns.

With that said, something we have discovered about the AFK Journey acorns is that there are things called “Omni acorns”. The latter are very important and will allow you to apply them to any hero, which is great when you need a little bit extra to reach that specific level.

Getting your hands on AFK Journey Acorns

Now that you know what to expect from the AFK Journey acorns, it is time to see where to get them. For now, the main way you can get your hands on them is by recruiting new heroes. 

If you do not want to do that, you can also get them from the store as long as you buy bundles. Keep in mind that the bundles may change in the future, so you need to check what’s available at the given time.

Another important thing to mention about the acorns in AFK Journey is that you can get the Legend Trial, which becomes available once you reach level 166. You can get that by seeing the hamster-looking thing at the bottom of your screen. Once you obtain this item, you will also get acorns.

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This is everything you need to know about AFK Journey acorns for now. Be sure to check all of our other articles about this amazing game because we have covered many different topics.

AFK Journey Acorns- What Are They and What Do They Do?
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