AFK Journey Patch 1.1.15 Adds new Tank, Events, and More

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AFK Journey Patch 1.1.15 Adds new Tank, Events, and More

AFK Journey Patch 1.1.15 is on the way, and we have a lot of new details about the patch.

As with all Gacha titles, AFK Journey is continuing that tradition of throwing content at people at a rapid pace. In 1.1.15, a mini patch before 1.2, we will get a bunch of new content alongside a new Character. The event kicks off on June 6th at midnight UTC.

AFK Journey Patch 1.1.15 Details

New Tank – Phraesto

Phraesto is a new character being added in the mini patch.

  • Class -Tank
  • Faction – Hypogean
  • Damage Type – Magic

His abilities

  • Phraesto's Passive skill – Create an illusion copy of himself at the beginning of the battle/event. This illusion will use the same skills, passive, and Ultimate of the OG. At the start of a battle you can Split Phraesto into two
  • Phraesto's can also “sign a contract” with an ally behind him. Doing so will take away a small amount of their HP in return giving out buffs to allies. Both the OG and illusion will give out buffs with those buffs being how to tell who the illusion is.

Active skills:

  • AoE damage in front of him
  • Single target damage and places a DOT on the target
  • Ultimate skill: Charge forward, deals AoE damage around him, and heals himself.
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EX Weapon:

  • If his Illusion is killed before him, he will deal damage and stun the target.

Phraesto will be found in the Stargazee and Guild Store.

New Guild Reputation

A new event that will be made available once players complete the story.

  • New story missions
  • Unlock as you hit milestones/reputation
  • New rewards unlock as you earn reputation
  • The final two seasonal artifacts can be found

Astral Fair Event

Astral Fair

A new event “Astral Fair” will host a new selection of events. Each fair will have unique games based on what faction's fair you attend.

Hero Drills

Hero Drills

AFK Journey Patch 1.1.15 Adds new Tank, Events, and More
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