AFK Journey Inventory Sort (Phillip’s Worries Quest)

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AFK Journey Inventory Sort (Phillip’s Worries Quest)

Here’s how you can properly sort inventory to solve Phillip’s Worries quest in AFK Journey.

Ever since its release, AFK Journey has been trending worldwide among both hardcore gamers and casuals. Even those PCMasterrace folks who tend to look at anything released anywhere other than PC with skeptic apprehension seem to have found the game pretty enjoyable. And there’s a good reason for it—the game is superb!

In true action RPG fashion, AFK Journey offers a plethora of side quests and activities that you can complete for bonus experience and items. The Phillip’s Worries side quest is one of the shortest side quests in the game, but the solution to this quest can be a bit puzzling.

In this guide, we’ll give you a step-by-step walkthrough on how to Inventory Sort correctly to complete the Phillip’s Worries side-quest in AFK Journey. Let’s hop in.

How to Unlock Phillip’s Worries Quest in AFK Journey

There are three prerequisites to unlocking the Phillip’s Worries quest in AFK Journey. Firstly, you need to complete all the stage 4 Town quests in the game. You also need to reach Resonance Level 132. Lastly, you need to have Vaduso Mountain 3 unlocked, as that is where you’ll find the Merchant Phillip to start the quest.

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Completing the quest rewards you with 143 Hero Essence, 5 A-Level Soul Stones, and 40k Training Manuals. It’s a pretty nice boost at this stage of the game, so there’s no reason to skip this quest.

Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Phillip’s Worries Quest

Here’s a three-step solution to completing the Phillip’s Worries side quest in AFK Journey for those having trouble with it:

Step – 1: Finding the Quest 

The first step is to find the quest giver, which in this case is Merchant Phillip. If you meet the prerequisites for the quest, head to the Vaduso Mountain 3 and go to the remote part of the forest. The coordinates are 530  and 284. 

You’ll come across Merchant Phillip once you get to the location. Talking to him, you’ll find that someone messed up his inventory when he got lost in the Dark Forest. He will also add some extra bits of backstory, but you’ll find that out when you play the quest yourself.

Basically, you need to solve two short Inventory Puzzles to complete the quest.

Step – 2: Solve Inventory Sort Puzzle 1

AFK Journey Inventory Sort (Phillip’s Worries Quest)

Here’s the solution for the puzzle 1 in the side quest:

  • Place the Deer on the left.
  • Place the Statue at the bottom horizontally.
  • Put the Mask on next to the Deer 
  • Finally, the stone goes to the last spot.

Step – 3: Solve Inventory Sort Puzzle 2

AFK Journey Inventory Sort (Phillip’s Worries Quest)

After solving the first puzzle, Phillip will give you another inventory puzzle to complete. Here’s how to solve it:

  • Start with the Statue and put it vertically on the right wall.
  • The Yellow Sprig goes to the left side.
  • Place the Pink Rose in between the Sprig and Statue at the bottom facing down.
  • Place the mask next to the Yellow Sprig
  • The long Red Sprig goes to the top right of the mask
  • Place the Deer under the Rose, hugging the left side.
  • The small Rose and Stone fills up the remaining spots.
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All Inventory Sort Solution

Editor note – The writer who wrote this has now left the site, and I (the editor) have done all of these so cannot provide screen shots. Below is a brilliant YouTube video featuring all the puzzle solutions.

Once you solve the two puzzles, Phillip’s Worries side-quest will be completed and you’ll get your rewards. Hopefully, our guide can help solve the puzzle without too much hassle.

For more tips and tricks on AFK Journey, keep your eyes peeled on ESTNN!

AFK Journey Inventory Sort (Phillip’s Worries Quest)
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