AFK Journey Hotfix May 16th Improves Seasonal Rewards

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AFK Journey Hotfix May 16th Improves Seasonal Rewards

The latest AFK Journey Hotfix (May 16th) has looked to improve on the seasonal rewards after many players gave negative feedback to recent changes.

It looks like the developers have decided to correct the move they made with the latest season, given the massive player backlash.

While the season isn't yet open to every server, those who do have it have been greeted with some heavily nerfed rewards. In the update below, the developers have looked to correct course. For those who do have the update, you'll be compensated accordingly for the missed rewards, while for those who get the update soon (some this Friday) you will get the new rewards as you progress.

AFK Journey Hotfix Optimizations

  • Rewards Adjustments:
    • Season AFK Stage progress rewards increased.
    • Season Legend Trial rewards increased.
    • First defeat rewards for Season Corrupt Creature increased.
    • Specific map chests now have increased rewards.
    • Desolate Grounds rewards in Battle Drills increased.
  • Compensation:
    • All players in the new season can claim compensatory rewards post-update.

Season Noble Path Adjustment:

  • Travelogue Rewards Correction:
    • Labeled values of rewards in Season Noble Path Travelogues were incorrect.
    • Labels will be updated, and new rewards added.
    • Compensation will be provided to players who have already claimed level rewards.
  • New Rewards:
    • Free Season Fun Travelogue: 112 faction Acorns added (28 from each faction).
    • Paid Season Secret Travelogue: 560 faction Acorns added (140 from each faction).
    • Free Season Fun Travelogue: 400 A-Level Soulstones added.
    • Paid Season Secret Travelogue: 1,200 A-Level Soulstones added.
  • Reminder:
    • Season Essence and Season Manual reset at season’s end.
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Bug Fixes:

  • Supreme Arena:
    • Fixed enemy team power preview discrepancies.
    • Settlement results now match the combat process in Raging Duel mode.
  • Battle Drills:
    • Boss health values corrected.
  • Emporium:
    • Resource quantity refresh issue after purchase fixed.
  • General Fixes:
    • Season opening popup repetition fixed.
    • Hero upgrade popup despite insufficient Gold fixed.
    • Persistent red dot prompts for certain titles fixed.
    • Vilebone Pendant description error in Honor Duel fixed.
    • Untranslated text issues resolved.
    • Client-server battle result discrepancies causing incorrect calculations fixed.
AFK Journey Hotfix May 16th Improves Seasonal Rewards
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