AFK Journey Best Way to Spend Diamonds

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AFK Journey Best Way to Spend Diamonds

In AFK Journey, there are different types of gems that act as game currency, each with its own value, which allows you to purchase different things. One of these is the AFK Journey diamonds, which is the most valuable type of coin in the game.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you the best ways to spend AFK Journey diamonds, since it is a currency that is not at all easy to find. The game allows you to purchase various things with this gem, but not all of them are necessary and should be purchased.

AFK Journey Diamonds: What to Buy (and What You Shouldn't)

Among the various options that you have and that the game allows you to purchase using AFK Journey diamonds, our advice is to focus on Acorn, Essence, and Stellar Crystal. Exceptionally, you can also purchase Invitation Letters, Arena Tickets, and Dust. However, we absolutely discourage the use of diamonds to buy Exp, Gold, and Equipment. But let's see in detail what you should and shouldn't do.

Guild Store

The Guild Store is like a regular shop where you can find all sorts of things you might need. You use diamonds, like special coins, to buy whatever catches your eye. But here's the catch: the more your guild levels up, the more stuff you can buy. So, if you look around and don't see much, it might be time to work together with your guildmates to level up. And don't stress if you don't see everything you want right away, because the store gets a whole new stock every 30 days.

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AFK Journey diamonds


In AFK Journey, you can also use diamonds in the Arena. What you should buy there are these daily challenge tickets. They're really helpful because they're not too pricey, and with them, you can climb up to higher tiers. When you reach higher tiers, you earn more guild tokens, which can be super handy for your guild.

AFK Progress

Once you're in AFK mode, look out for a little hourglass icon on the right side of your screen. Tap on it, and you can use your diamonds to buy instant rewards for your AFK progress. This is totally worth it because when you're deep into the game, getting hero essences to level up your heroes can get tough. So, it's a smart move to start buying these rewards once you have hit around 300 levels of progress.

Other Places

The ones we have just listed are the main places where you should spend diamonds in AFK Journey, but they are certainly not the only ones. In fact, in the game, there are other places that, from time to time, can be very useful to visit to buy things that you wouldn't usually buy but which can still be useful.

An example is the Noble Tavern, where you can go to buy Invitation Letters. However, the most useful thing you can do is to purchase new characters or even pieces of equipment, especially if you continue with your adventure and if you are a free-to-play player. In AFK Journey, there are not many diamonds that you can spend, so we advise you to use them sparingly and only for objects that can truly be useful to you during your adventure.

AFK Journey Best Way to Spend Diamonds
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