ADC Twisted Fate Counters In League of Legends Patch 14.5

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ADC Twisted Fate Counters In League of Legends Patch 14.5

Is Twisted Fate causing havoc in bot? Don’t worry, this article will give you the best counters to Twisted Fate.

Twisted Fate has quickly become one of the strongest bottom laners currently in League of Legends patch 14.5. AD Twisted Fate is currently the best build for the champion with Stattik Shiv doing most of the heavy lifting in the early game. Although this article is specifically for ADC TF, he also features heavily in the top lane this patch. The question is, what are the best Twisted Fate counters in League of Legends? ESTNN is here to bring you the best counters to Twisted Fate to help you pick up some more LP and climb the League of Legends ladder. This article will also tell you the worst ADCs to pick into TF along with the best support duos if you do decide to lock him in.

Best Twisted Fate Counters in LoL


With Twisted Fate being a strong champion in lane due to his range, Nilah is one of the only champions who can punish TF early. Nilah is one of the strongest early-game champions in League of Legends. Nilah power spikes within the first couple of levels and you should look to all-in the Twisted Fate as you have the level advantage on him. Twisted Fate relies on having the range advantage, so the key is to make sure he can not utilize the advantage he will have over Nilah from a distance. As mentioned earlier, the first couple of levels is where Nilah has the advantage. The second is when she hits level 6. AD Twisted Fate relies on Statikk Shiv to shove the lane, so look to engage with your support before he has this item. It is likely that TF due to his passive and the cost of Shiv will have their first item before you.

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Seraphine is one of the strongest picks in Twisted Fate on patch 14.5. This was the case in 14.4 and players should look to have the same positive experience when playing against Twisted Fate as Seraphine. Although Seraphine is not a strong early game champion, they should be able to punish Twisted Fate whenever they look to walk up to farm. Seraphine benefits from being able to poke champions at range and should be able to counteract the range advantage Twisted Fate has against most bottom laners. Make sure you are not pushed up the lane too far if TF has his ultimate up. Even with hard CC, you would be killed by a flanking Twisted Fate.

Worst ADC’s To Pick Into Twisted Fate In League of Legends

Vayne is still one of the worst ADC’s to pick into Twisted Fate in patch 14.5. Vaynes low mobility is a dream matchup for Twisted Fate, as they can quickly stun you with their gold card and engage. Even if you look to engage on Twisted Fate with your ultimate, he will be able to stun you and walk away. TF wins out in the range department, and by getting Statikk Shiv early, you will be shoved quickly under the tower where Vayne is at her weakest. Avoid playing in the side lanes as the game progresses. Twisted Fate's long-range ultimate will allow for a quick kill.

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According to Mobalytics, Senna has one of the worst win rates against Twisted Fate on Patch 14.5, with just over 38%. This is expected to fluctuate as more games are played, but right now, Senna is one of the worst performers. Statikk Shiv is the key to competing against Senna as Twisted Fate. Even with the long-range poke from her Q, your attack speed and wave clear should be able to shove her out of lane comfortably. Your gold card will be able to lock her up and punish her low mobility early on.

Best Duos To Pick With Twisted Fate

According to Mobalytics, here are the best supports for playing with Twisted Fate in League of Legends on patch 14.5. Please note that this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Leona
  • Maokai
  • Senna

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