Ad Infinitum Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More

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Ad Infinitum Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More

Ad Infinitum is a new horror game announced last year during Nacon Connect. Although the development team has not decided to reveal much before the launch of the game, from what we have been able to see it seems to be an interesting game with potential. For this reason, we have decided to provide you with all the necessary information before it hits the market.

Ad Infinitum release date

On September 14, 2023, Ad Infinitum will debut on the market. Originally scheduled for release in April, the game had to be delayed due to a number of issues with the development firm. Thankfully, though, it appears like the development is virtually done at this point, and the game will be released in a few weeks.

Ad Infinitum platforms

The development team has promptly disclosed the platforms on which the game will be offered since its very first announcement, which we recall having taken place at 2022's Nacon Connect. All PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC owners can purchase Ad Infinitum. The game will not be released on old-gen consoles.

Ad Infinitum story

In Ad Infinitum, a story that alternates between dream and reality, the main character awakens in his room in a run-down, desolate manor house, where nothing has changed since he was a youngster. He is abruptly sent to the trenches of the First World War. He will have to struggle to reclaim control of his life's story since he is unable to tell the difference between reality and his nightmare.

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Ad Infinitum is a psychological horror game that takes place entirely inside the soldier's head. You will need to comprehend the causes and motivations of each monster and work out the puzzles that stand in your way if you want to avoid lethal traps and terrible creatures. Horror lurks around every corner, whether it's horrible lanky puppets that prowl the night or blind demons that can hear even the slightest footsteps.

War's effects can be felt a long way from the front lines as well. Remove the curtain covering your family's secrets, which were destroyed during the Great War, and make an effort to recall your past. You will eventually learn a portion of the tale of a German family who endured great suffering during the Great War by exploring and resolving puzzles and riddles between the walls of your house and the barbed wire of No Man's Land.

Ad Infinitum gameplay

As a result, the setting is one of psychological horror, staging psychiatric problems, dreams, and even metaphysical and supernatural presences. Ad Infinitum requires us to escape from these dangers as well as work through a variety of environmental puzzles and riddles, participate in stealth exercises, and overall learn about the tragic events that befell a family. All, it would appear, even with certain modifications made to the game's setting dependent on the player's decisions.

Ad Infinitum Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More
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