Abiotic Factor Anvil – How to Get it

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Abiotic Factor Anvil – How to Get it

Abiotic Factor is a game in which you will have to fight for your survival, like in any other survival game. One of the things you definitely need to pay close attention to is Abiotic Factor Anvil. This item, in fact, is very important for progressing in the game.

In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to obtain its blueprint and unlock this item. If you don't know how to do it, you are definitely in the right place. But let's not delay any longer and continue with this guide.

Abiotic Factor Anvil Use

Before I tell you in detail what you need to do to obtain an Anvil in Abiotic Factor, it is good to explain what it is for. The Anvil is a necessary item to build the Repair & Salvage Station. In fact, in the game, you will often be called upon to repair your weapons, and having a Repair & Salvage Station is certainly the best thing you can do.

This way, not only will you no longer have to search for an exorbitant amount of Duct Tape to repair your items, but the entire process will also be faster. Consequently, we cannot help but advise you to unlock the Anvil as soon as you have the opportunity. Trust us; you will thank us!

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Abiotic Factor Anvil

How to Get an Anvil in Abiotic Factor

Now that you know what an Anvil in Abiotic Factor is for, the time has come to focus on the focus of this guide, that is, how to obtain one. In fact, it may not be very simple to understand how to do it and that is why we decided to write this guide. By following our steps, however, you shouldn't encounter any major difficulties, so let's proceed.

The first thing to know is that you will have to progress through the game a bit before you have the chance to unlock this item. In fact, you will have to escape from Manufacturing West, which will allow you to unlock doors that will give you access to the elevator that will take you up to Silo 3. Now, this is the point where you will have to pay attention to our directions because getting lost is quite simple.

Once you exit the elevator, you will see a broken door on your right, and behind it is the map of Officer Sector Level 3. What you will have to do, therefore, in this case, is locate the Storage Room. Luckily, it's not all the way to Silo 3, so you won't have to travel far before you can get to your destination.

Following the map, head to the Storage Room, heading back past the Silo 3 passage, but be careful: there is a fight waiting for you. Go through the door and prepare to defeat two enemies. Once you do this, you are one step away from where Anvil is in Abiotic Factor. In fact, there are two different positions in which you can find the object in question: one on a stick of metal crates and the other on the top of one of the shelves.

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And that's it. Now you know everything you need to do to find an Anvil in Abiotic Factor. Without a guide, it might be a little tricky, but by following step-by-step what we have highlighted in this article, you shouldn't have any difficulties. You are finally able to repair your weapons without any problems, and you can definitely make a change to your way of playing.

Abiotic Factor Anvil – How to Get it
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