A Greedy Emissary, Diablo 4 Crossover Event With WoW Launches May 25th

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A Greedy Emissary, Diablo 4 Crossover Event With WoW Launches May 25th

With the release of Diablo 4 imminent, plans are in place for a crossover event with WoW via A Greedy Emissary,

“A Greedy Emissary”, will run from May 25th to June 6th (the Diablo 4 launch) and will include a number of exciting cross-game events. “Strange winds blow in from another world, and sightings of odd, bag-holding creatures spot the land… Find them, and see what treasure they may hold!” reads the Blizzard blurb on the event. We now have official information from Blizzard about the full event

A Greedy Emissary Spawn Rate

There is also an EU WeakAura for people that want to track it. An NA version is coming.

city -> zone -> city -> zone -> city -> zone -> city -> valdrakken -> city -> zone -> repeat

Over on Wowhead, they had a good example of what the first day had looked like so far

  • 10:00 Stormwind
  • 10:30 Ohn'ahran Plains
  • 11:00 Orgrimmar
  • 11:30 Azure Span
  • 12:00 Stormwind
  • 12:30 Thaldraszus
  • 13:00 Orgrimmar
  • 13:30 Valdrakken
  • 14:00 Stormwind
  • 14:30 Waking Shores
  • 15:00 Orgrimmar
  • 15:30 Ohn'ahran Plains
  • 16:00 Stormwind
  • 16:30 Azure Span
  • 17:00 Orgrimmar
  • 17:30 Thaldraszus
  • 18:00 Stormwind
  • 18:30 Valdrakken
  • 19:00 Orgrimmar
  • 19:30 Waking Shores

We can assume this rotation will continue going forward for the rest of the event.

Pre-official release article information below

A Greedy Emissary event rewards

Wowhead has datamined a number of items that clearly have to do with the event (shown below). A number of transmog items based on Wirt's Leg, a Mace, 2-H version, and an off-hand. A new 36 slot to store all your junk from Dragonflight. A new back transmog item and a new Battle Pet. There will also be a Large Charm of Intelligence, which will give players a buff of 100 int providing the item is in their bags. We will also gain a 50% increased experience buff during the event, and an 8% buff to “most” reputation factions, with the new Loamn Niffin faction a notable exclusion.

WoW SoD Paladin Best in Slot

A Greedy Emissary A Greedy EmissaryA Greedy Emissary

A Greedy Emissary event details

For now, all we know is that the main part of the event will be the Tricksy Treasure Goblins. First seen during the Diablo 20th Anniversary World Event, the Goblins are back and they're full of sacks of gold. Once killed, they opened the way to “The Secret Cow Level”, where players could teleport to Yorgen Farmstead in Duskwood. Now, inhabited by Diabolic Tauren and the Cow King. We'll likely see more items and titles coming before the event drops, and maybe even something that unlocks in Diablo 4 if we're lucky.

A Greedy Emissary, Diablo 4 Crossover Event With WoW Launches May 25th
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