8 Ways To Enjoy Esports If You Are Not A Gamer

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8 Ways To Enjoy Esports If You Are Not A Gamer

If you are an esports fan but don’t have what it takes to become a pro, here are 8 ways to enjoy esports differently.

Watch streams

The easiest way to enjoy esports even if you are not a gamer is to watch other people play. Whether it is a professional player or your neighbor, anyone can stream their games. Of course, if you are into esports, you will be more likely to watch the streams of popular esports players or teams. There are plenty of different streamers, each with their own unique content. Some focus on gameplay, others on analysis, while some are more geared towards entertainment.

Bet on games

A fun way to make games more exciting is to bet on their outcome. Whether it is the exact score or the winner of a match, there are various results to bet on when it comes to esports. Each game has its own stakes and esports betting picks are available daily online.

Watching esports games is exciting, but the adrenaline goes up a notch when you place a bet on a game’s outcome. Betting has a high entertainment value and you can discover new games by checking what is currently trending.

Follow podcasts

Listening to podcasts is an easy way to catch up with all esports news while driving, commuting, or even doing the dishes. No matter what you do or where you are, there are plenty of podcasts to listen to. Some focus on match previews and recaps, while others rather discuss the latest trends in esports.

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New episodes are available regularly, up to several times a week depending on your preferred podcast. If you would rather have visuals alongside the voices of your podcast, some are even filmed live and uploaded on Youtube.

Attend live events

Live events are to esports lovers what concerts are to music fans. Watching a game from home is great, but experiencing a live event brings esports on another level.

Even if most events were canceled this past year, esports fans will soon be able to go back cheering their favorite team physically during events. This is a good opportunity not only to see esports players in the flesh but also to meet fellow esports lovers.

Live events gather gamers of all kinds, united by the same passion. A study conducted among esports enthusiasts showed that 41% of live event spectators forged new relationships. 65% of them also said that attending a live esports event was a great topic to talk about with their friends, whether they like esports or not.

Join esports communities

If you followed our previous advice and attended an esports event, you may already be part of an esports community. If this is not yet the case, you can find groups of esports enthusiasts on social media, Discord, Twitch, or YouTube. Joining the discussion is easy, as everyone shares the same passion.

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There are various esports communities, whether on a specific esports, team, or even player. The most popular platforms to find esports communities are Twitch and YouTube, where games are streamed. Twitter is another place when esports lovers gather, and it is quite easy to join the discussion using appropriate events hashtags. Instagram focuses more on gaming memes than news, which is a nice way to engage with others while having fun. If you would rather talk about post-match analysis, Reddit is the place to go.

Create esports-related art

Esports lovers are not just gamers. Some love to draw, write, create music or build stuff. If you have an artistic vibe, you can make art related to your passion, esports. The most frequent art form related to esports is graphic design. Most esports teams hire graphic designers for their logos or banners. Amateur designers can share their work on social media or contact players to draw for them.

Many esports teams also look for content creators. These content creators are often streamers or video makers, who can highlight a team or player’s skills. If your passion is more geared toward writing, many websites cover esports news and could use your skill.

Analyze games

You don’t need to be a good player to be a good coach or analyst. Some esports enthusiasts prefer watching the strategies of players rather than their raw skills. Finding ways for pro players to improve is a challenge, but is extremely rewarding when done well.

The goal of an esports analyst is to look for pro players’ mistakes to help them become better. Most teams already have a coaching staff analyzing games for them, but many esports lovers enjoy sharing their theory on social media – and especially on Reddit.

If you feel like you have an eye for strategy and enjoy giving feedback, coaching is a great way to get involved in esports without having to play yourself. Be careful, however, as you need extensive knowledge of the game to be able to help pro players. Or, at least, provide meaningful feedback. Many videos on YouTube offer coaching services and can help you figure out whether you like being an esports analyst or not.

Follow your favorite esports team on social media

Many teams share the daily lives of their players on social media. This is a nice way for esports fans to learn more about their favorite players, all while seeing how the backstage of major esports teams looks like.

Esports teams sometimes have interactions with each other, giving better insight into their mindset and objectives. Plus, following an esports team or player on social media guarantees you will never miss a match or an event, as they usually announce it ahead of time on their social profiles.

Esports is more than just gamers aiming to make a living out of playing video games. It is a community, with many different persons sharing their love for esports, sometimes without even playing the game. What is your favorite way of expressing your love for esports? Make sure to follow ESTNN for the latest esports news.

8 Ways To Enjoy Esports If You Are Not A Gamer
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