8 Games Like Palworld

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8 Games Like Palworld

Here are our picks for Games Like Palworld.

Palworld is taking the world by storm, sitting at 6 million players just a few days after its release, the game is making waves across the globe. Its success is not without its caveats though, accusations of plagiarism and forgery are rampant. After Nintendo shut down a mod putting Pokemon characters in the game, it's anyone guess what is and what was happening behind the scenes.

If you however already had your fill, or you want to play something without that icky feeling in your stomach, we got you covered. Here are a bunch of games you should take a look at instead.

8 Games Like Palworld

Digimon Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Stories Cyber Sleuth is easily the best game in the long and enduring Digimon franchise. That is saying a lot, because despite many of those titles never getting an official English version, Digimon has always delivered on the virtual monster training front.

Cyber Sleuth and its DLC which first released in 2015 for the Vita and later for PlayStation 4 and even later for Switch and PC easily the best out of all of them. Not only do you get a fantastic story set in the bizarre cyberspace of Digimon colliding with the real world, but its battling and training are second to none. It's easily one of the best RPGs of the last decade.


If Palworld gave you a taste for the rapid industrialization of the natural world, you might have that itch for expansion. Now you could go and build another base or load up Factorio, the one industrial natural resources exploitation simulator.

When fellow Factorio enjoyers claim this game is digital crack, they are not far off. Optimizing your factory and crimes against the local ecosystem is very addicting, there is always something to do, always a bottleneck to fix, and another problem to solve. Give it a try, especially with its DLC coming up there is no better time to get into Factorio.

Pokemon GO Rarest Pokemon


If you're just hopping onto the survival game train, may we introduce you to Rust? That little game that turns everyone into a mistrusting little goblin shooting at their neighbor with no regard for human life?

It's a grand time as long as you can handle people being people on the internet without parental supervision. You'll experience next-level base-building that has you boobytrap every angle of your home, just in case someone has 15 hours and an unlimited stash of satchel charges.


On everyone's mind especially as it is slow and steadily approaching a 1.0 release is survival viking extravaganza Valheim. Its charming voxel looks are one thing but it is the sheer amount of content that is already in the game which pushes this one above and beyond.

Valheim features a massive world you must explore and survive alone or with your friends. With progress that has you your friends gather more and more resources while slaying fearsome boss monsters that live either in your backyard or across the sea.

V Rising

Another one of those titles that'll soon see a 1.0 release. We've written a full review on V Rising in the light of its recent expansion but here's the short version of it. “What if Diablo was a fun, multiplayer Survival Game that forces you to form uneasy relationships with your fellow bloodsuckers?

It is a great title both alone and with friends or strangers. Its progression system allows more experienced players to snowball into vast empires while also doing a great job of onboarding new players. If you're into vampire antics and survival games, you need to check out this one.

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ARK Survival Evolved

So what if you could play Palworld but instead of raising legally distinct monsters from the biggest franchise in gaming, and instead went on to tame dinosaurs? ARK is a weird game but it lets you poop and Palworld doesn't.

And while opinion on the game has shifted over the years, we think it's still worth picking up at a discount and checking out the bizarre adventures it has to offer. Even if it's just for riding a T-Rex into someone's base.


New on the Survival Game Battle Royale is the recently released Enshrouded. If Palworld is what if Pokemon was ARK, Enshrouded's what is Dark Souls was Rust. And it has been shooting up to the Steam bestseller list for a reason.

Featuring a robust, extremely versatile RPG system that lets you play with the game's multitude of options is great, all the voxel-based building and exploration only make things better. And while its pitch on the surface isn't as interesting as Palworld, it does have a lot of polish and a clear vision heading into early access.

Cassette Beasts

If you're looking for another monster catcher, please, oh please take a look at Cassette Beasts. A charming indie game from last year that ended up being criminally overlooked. It's more on the side of straight Pokemon-esque RPG shenanigans but don't let it fool you.

Cassette Beasts features a deliciously in-depth RPG system that lets you combine and kit out your recorded critters to your liking. While its moment-to-moment story doesn't have much to show for at first, its drift into the bizarre feels tonally closer to Digimons more cryptic, almost haunting story beats.

And those are our 8 Like Palworld. For more on the survival-critter-catching-sim check out our guides such as How to Make Your Pals Laugh, How to Get Hats, and How to Level Up Your Pals.

8 Games Like Palworld
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