7-Year-Old Simone Lim is a Pokemon Esports Champion

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7-Year-Old Simone Lim is a Pokemon Esports Champion

A heartwarming story came from an unexpected place, with seven-year-old Simone Lim winning the Junior Championship division at the Pokemon Oceania International Championships.

This monumental occasion proves that esports has no age limit, watching a young and talented trainer predict the moves of her opposition and get the win. Lim is an underdog from Singapore, much younger than most of the competition, including her competitor in the finals, Justin Miranda-Radbord. The talent that Lim exhibited during the championship was enough to take her head to head with a former winner.

The final moments of the finals were tense, with Lim being down to just Tyranitar, while Miranda-Radbord had both Rhyperior and Dusclops on the field. It was game three with the series tied, and Lim knew that she could risk taking out Rhyperior, but with the possibility that it could use protect and stop the attack. Instead, Lim read her enemy like a book and attacked Dusclops with dark-attack Crunch, and followed up the read by using Superpower to take out Rhyperior and winning.

At age seven, her accomplishment is incredible, and she shyly explained in a post-match interview that she knew her opponent would use protect, but that she was nervous about the move. She continued to thank her friends, family, and coaches and will be continuing on to the World Championships in August.

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