7 Humble Games Titles to Launch on Game Pass Day 1

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7 Humble Games Titles to Launch on Game Pass Day 1

Everyone's favorite digital games storefront/charity is teaming up with Microsoft to give Game Pass a healthy injection of old and new Indie titles.

Humble Bundle has decided that some titles published by its subsidiary Humble Games would now come to the Xbox Game Pass. The digital storefront and charity drive has been publishing titles under their banner since 2017 starting with titles such as A Hat in Time. Since then their offering in games has risen exponentially, especially with this recent slew of Indies that are now coming to the Xbox Gamepass.

Humbly Gaming

And currently, Humble Bundle is holding its annual Summer Sale so if you want to save some money and do something for charity, please check out their offerings here

After adding a whole slew of Ubisoft titles to their catalog, Microsoft is determined to offer what might as well be the best value in gaming today. Depending on what you're looking for. Now Humble Games joins the fray and adds 7 of its titles to the Game Pass lineup. Some of these titles will be added either starting today or will be day one releases for both PC and Xbox Platforms and will also come to Xbox's Cloud service. If you haven't yet, you can join the Xbox Game Pass for just 1$ USD to try it out on either PC or Console and check out their amazing catalog of games.

But you're probably more interested in what titles are coming to the Game Pass and while many have criticized that the Game Pass is lacking in heavy hitters, it is a problem that plagues all the big publishers. But all of this also has its upswing, if you've been paying attention to the release schedules and big live shows this is the year of the indie titles. Smaller passion projects that just keep hitting it out of the park.

Anyways, here's a quick rundown of all the new titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass:

Midnight Fight Express:

Midnight Fight Express has released just a couple of days ago and is already a strong contender in a year full of amazing action titles with tight-knit gameplay. This top-down brawler is hard to explain and has to be witnessed firsthand. But If we had to try and a needle on it, it is that John Wick game that no one else has made yet. The top-down perspective keeps the action clear and readable while you create your own beautiful composition of violence. You can pay Midnight Fight Express right now on Game Pass on PC, Xbox Platforms and the Cloud.

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Coral Island:

Coral Island is the latest in that recent wave of spiritual successors of Harvest Moon and it's quite heartwarming that this type of game that went away for a while is now getting so much love. Of course, it wears its inspiration on its sleeves and after farming sim but Australia we now have a farming sim set in a sleepy coastal town next to a coral reef. And there are mermaids, can you date the mermaids or potential merman? Will they hate you for selling fish to buy that sweet new pickaxe you wanted?  You can find that out yourself when Coral Island comes to the PC Game Pass on October 11.


Moonscars is one of the latest Souls-like platform slashers that.. are just Metroidvanias? You know that Dark Souls borrows heavily from Metroid and Castlevania right? Anyways! Moonscars looks amazing. There is just something about the heavy pixel art style that looks like someone created an oil painting in Mario Paint for the SNES, and I say that with affection. Combat looks tight and heavy and if you're into recent 2D titles like Salt and Sanctuary or Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night you won't be disappointed. Moonscars releases Day 1 on September 27 on all platforms supporting Game Pass.


Made by small german developer rose-engine and it wears its influences on its sleeve. Clearly meant to be a love letter to the PlayStation One era of horror games, Signalis looks exactly like a game from that time. just that those technical flaws from back then have been exchanged for some stellar visual direction and sound design. But I can also feel the distinct influences of RPG-Maker horror games here, especially the ability to intill fear by trapping you in a small room with a thing that wants you dead. While there is no release date yet, Signalis will come to PC, Console, and the Cloud on day 1 on Game Pass.

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Infinite Guitars:

Like rhythm games? Like flashy cartoony graphics? What if I give you all of that in a sci-fi cyberpunk world with mechs and guitar-wielding anime characters all wrapped up in what might be best JRPG-Esque RPG of the year? And the music slaps. But that's a given for Rythym games isn't it? Infinite Guitars will release on PC, Console and the Cloud later this year and will also be available from day 1 onwards on the Xbox Game Pass.

Ghost Song:

Ghost Song is another entry in the spooky but hauntingly beautiful genre of video games. And if I had to try and sum it up into a sales pitch, it probably sounds like this: Imagine if Death Stranding, Metroid, and Journey had a drunk night out and Ghost Song is the happy little accident that happened between those three. Again I'm speaking with affection here. This is the kind of game that begs to be played and mulled over long after the credits have rolled. Ghost Song releases later this year on November 3 and is coming day 1 on Game Pass for Xbox, PC and the Cloud.


Don't you sometimes wonder what happened had we just stopped innovating games and instead just made the original Doom over and over again? Okay if we can't have that, how about I give you a time machine instead? That is exactly what Prodeus sets out to be a game from back then made with all the comforts and techniques of today. It is the ultimate love letter to that first generation of hybrid 3D first-person shooters and it comes with a community map browser. Prodeus Early Access (Game Preview) is already available on the Game Pass and accessible on all its supported platforms.

These are all the new titles added to Game Pass' lineup with many more to come in the future, go check them out. If you want more video games and esports, why not give us a visit here at ESTNN

7 Humble Games Titles to Launch on Game Pass Day 1
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