5 Games Like The Finals You Should Try (If You Haven’t)

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5 Games Like The Finals You Should Try (If You Haven’t)

The Finals has been very successful since its launch, although things are certainly not rosy and there are some problems that are not making the gaming experience as clean as one would have expected. In any case, this hasn't stopped players from giving more than a chance to this new IP, and consequently, many have started asking which games like The Finals they could try to have a similar experience but which can also provide new insights. For this reason, in this article, we will show you five games like The Finals that you should absolutely try if you haven't had the chance yet (it is very likely that you have already done so, especially if you are a fan of the genre, but this is an article aimed at everyone, even those who are new to it).

Games Like The Finals

Before delving into the list of games like The Finals, it is vitally important to underline that they are absolutely not positioned in some sort of ranking. Our intent is not to create a classic of the “best games like The Finals,” but only to give you some advice.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 was released several years ago, but it remains, even today, one of the best FPS out there. In addition to this, which is already a more than valid reason to be able to try it if you haven't done so, there is also the fact that its game mechanics relating to shooting and environmental destruction are very similar to those we can experience in The Finals, a game released practically ten years later. This is to make you understand how influential Battlefield 4 is in the genre and paved the way for many games that came after.

Obviously, from a graphic point of view, there are no similarities, also because, as we have just said, Battlefield 4 is now an “old” game, so it is normal that the graphics of The Finals are more cutting-edge, but also because they deal with, in reality, two different topics. In Battlefield 4, we fight in a classic military context, but in The Finals, the distinctive feature is certainly futurism. In any case, this certainly doesn't stop the similarities that exist from the point of view of the animations, the gadgets, and much more that make these two games different but similar, even many years after the release of one and the other.

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games like the finals

Apex Legends

We know the genre is not the same. The Finals is a more classic FPS, while Apex Legends is a battle royale, but this does not mean that they do not have points of contact. In fact, if we ignore the question of genre, we will realize that there are similarities between the two titles. In fact, both Apex Legends and The Finals have very frenetic and fast gameplay, in which anyone who stops is literally lost (because they are killed).

Furthermore, the similarities do not end only with the rhythm in which the various matches that you will play are marked (perhaps in the company of your friends). Both games feature ziplines, grappling hooks, and other gadgets that allow players to have similar experiences in both games. Consequently, even if the genre you belong to is different, if you love The Finals and have never tried Apex Legends, you might give it a chance because you might find a new game to spend your free time with (trust me, if he takes you, you will spend a lot of time in the company of these legends).

games like the finals

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is an amazing game, despite the years it carries on its shoulders. Even those who are not die-hard FPS fans will hardly love Titanfall 2. Although, for obvious reasons, there are no longer as many players as when it arrived on the market almost ten years ago, this does not mean that you will not find the possibility of being able to play matches with people who know where in the world they are. Thanks to its great fame and the mark it left, it is no surprise that The Finals took inspiration from this game.

As you can guess from the name of the title, in Titanfall 2, you will have the opportunity to lead Titans, which adds some very interesting facets to the game from a gameplay point of view. If you have always dreamed of fighting with a large metal robot armed to the teeth at your side, this is the game for you. Furthermore, even if you are a player who prefers the adrenaline of online gaming, do not under any circumstances underestimate the single-player campaign that the game has to offer, as it hits very high points and we recommend it without reservation.

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games like the finals

Overwatch 2

The graphic style of Overwatch 2 is the first thing that differs from that of The Finals; in fact, we are faced with a cartoonish and unrealistic graphic style. In any case, this is certainly not a parameter to consider when we talk about games like The Finals (unless this graphic style is really up your alley, but our advice is to try it anyway because you might be pleasantly surprised).

Although Overwatch 2 places more emphasis on collaborating with other participants than you can experience in The Finals, there are still points of contact between the two productions. In fact, in both games, the characters have skills at their disposal that they can rely on during matches. However, those that are present in Overwatch 2 are more complex and intricate than those we have available in The Finals.

In any case, after a first approach that may seem overwhelming, we are sure that with a little practice, you will be able to master even the most complex system of Overwatch 2. Ultimately, it almost seems that what you will learn in The Finals will help you as a basis for being able to fully understand the game mechanics that make up Overwatch 2. Consequently, very broadly, we can define Overwatch 2 as a more complex (and cartoonish) version of The Finals.

games like the finals

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Any lover of shooters cannot fail to know the Call of Duty saga. For more than twenty years now, developers have been releasing games in the series that manage, more or less, to leave a mark on the world of gaming. Modern Warfare 3 is probably one of the most famous titles in the series and has left players glued to its servers for a very long time, up until today. There must be a reason.

And in fact there is a reason. It is a very well-made game that manages to excite anyone who plays it, even if they are a player who is not very accustomed to this type of game. Furthermore, it is able to offer different game modes and excellent graphics (considering its year of release), as well as iconic maps that have remained in players' memories for a very long time. All these premises should have already convinced you to try the game (in case you haven't already done so) if you liked The Finals.

games like the finals

5 Games Like The Finals You Should Try (If You Haven’t)
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