5 Best Only Up! Wins On Live Stream

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5 Best Only Up! Wins On Live Stream

Only Up! is the most viral game on the internet right now, but who are the streamers that are truly winning the game? Keep on reading to find out

Many games are being released on the market by many game developers out there, but, are all of them famous and going viral? Absolutely not. One of the most viral games on the internet right now is Only Up! It is a game created and published by SCKR Games. It is published on Steam exclusively and is a survival single-player climbing game.

Many streamers from different platforms have taken on the challenge of beating this game upon themselves. While most have failed spectacularly, some have accomplished the game with flying colors, yet not all of them are noteworthy. Hence, we’ve created a list of the best Only Up! wins as picked by us. Hence, here are the streamers for the 5 best Only Up! wins picked by us.


The 5 Best Only Up Wins On Stream - Shade

Credit: Shade

  • Age: 23
  • Followers: 59
  • Streaming Platform: Kick

Shade is a Kick streamer, content creator and Youtuber. He is a streamer who is small and has a really low viewer count because he has just begun streaming on Kick. He streams daily on his Kick channel to 59 followers where he plays many games, generally of the FPS genre. Some of the games he plays include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Combat Master and BattleBit Remastered. Recently, he played Only Up! on his live stream and left all his viewers at a loss for words. 

When playing the game for the first time on his live stream, he began playing the game normally, as the teen character Jackie. He progressed a little into the game when he hit the trash on the wooden bridge and that boosted him high up in the game, this is known as the Trash Glitch which Shade was unaware of. He was shocked and so were his viewers, when he landed directly on the finishing strip that ends the game because of the insane boost from the Trash Glitch. He beat the game for the first time in 42.67 seconds, which was the glitched world record for Only Up! speedruns. To no one’s surprise, Shade decided to beat his own world record on the same day and finished at 33 seconds. Shade did not stop there, instead, he tried a third time on July 3rd and beat the game in an insane time of 14 seconds, setting the latest glitched Only Up! speedrunning world record by beating both of his previous runs.

Sharon “Larxa” Lara

The 5 Best Only Up Wins On Stream - Sharon “Larxa” Lara

Credit: Larxa

  • Age: 28
  • Followers: 49.3K
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch

Sharon Lara, better known by her internet alias or nickname, “Larxa” is a Belgian Streamer, Youtuber and content creator. She posts mostly speedrunning content and plays a variety of games on her Twitch channel as a Twitch Partner. She has recently migrated to America to further pursue her gaming career. She is dubbed “The Throat Lord” because she uses voice commands or controls quite often to beat many games. She is Distortion2’s girlfriend, who is also a speedrunning content creator, Youtuber and streamer we will talk about later in this article. She is best known for being one of the first streamers to complete or beat the game, Welcome to the Game II (WTTG2).

Recently, Larxa like many other streamers decided to beat Only Up! on her live stream. Fans expected her to play the game because she is a speedrunning content creator and streamer after all.  What fans and viewers did not expect, was that Larxa would choose to beat the game using just her voice with the help of voice commands or controls. It took her a total of 28 hours, 52 minutes and 8 seconds to beat the game, Almost 30 full hours to beat the game using just her voice, how impressive is that? No wonder she’s called The Throat Lord, the title is well deserved.

Fei Ji “FeiJiWenGG” Wen

The 5 Best Only Up Wins On Stream - Fei Ji “FeiJiWenGG” Wen

Credit: FeiJiWenGG

  • Age: N/A
  • Followers: 1.98M
  • Streaming Platform: Huya

Fei Ji Wen, better known by his internet alias, “FeiJiWenGG” is a Huya streamer and Youtuber. He is a small-scale content creator who streams on the leading Chinese gaming live streaming platform, Huya. He currently has 1.98 million followers on his Huya channel, where he stream video gaming content daily. He plays a variety of games on his live streams such as Destiny 2 which is a first-person survival shooter game created and published by Bungie Inc. and CrossFire which is a first-person tactical shooter game created and published by Smilegate. 

Recently, just like many other streamers, FeiJiWen decided that he wanted to speedrun Only Up! on his live stream. He did so, and he immediately became the placeholder for the second fastest speedrun of the game with 19 minutes and 57 seconds. FeiJiWen was not satisfied after that, and he decided to beat his own world record speedrun. His second speedrun broke not only his own record but also propelled him to first place and he became the placeholder for the world record for the fastest Only Up! Speedrun with 16 minutes and 45 seconds. Yet, FeiJiWin was still not satisfied so he beat his own world record, again! Currently, FeiJiWin is the first placeholder of the world’s fastest Only Up! speedrunning record with 16 minutes and 6 minutes. 


Only Up run Distortion2

Credit: Distortion2

  • Age: N/A
  • Followers: 614K
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch

Distortion2 is an American Twitch streamer, Youtuber and renowned speedrunner. He is based in Chicago and is a native there. He plays a variety of games on his streams which he speedruns as he is a legendary speedrunner after all. He also plays games casually sometimes on his streams, just to enjoy gaming and chat with his viewers. Some of the games he has played besides speedrunning them include Dead by Daylight and Aeon Drive. 

He is the placeholder for the world-record speedruns of Bioshock Infinite and Dark Souls 3. He is known for being a regular at Games Done Quick (GDQ) and for his excellent Elden Ring speed runs he did back in 2022. He is also Larxa’s boyfriend, who is a fellow speedrunning content creator that we talked about earlier. Most recently, he decided to speedrun Only Up! just like many other streamers including his girlfriend, Larxa. On his first speedrunning adventure, he beat the game at 20 minutes and 46, setting the world record for the fastest time in beating the game. He was quickly beaten to the world record, which is he embarked on a journey and beat the game multiple times with different ending times. He eventually ended up beating the game at 16 minutes and 58 seconds, which made him the placeholder for the second-fastest speedrunning world record of beating the game, Only Up! at present.

Richard “Ninja” Blevins 

The 5 Best Only Up Wins On Stream Richard “Ninja” Blevins

Credit: Ninja

  • Age: 32
  • Followers: 18.5M
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch

Richard Blevins, best known by the stage name he uses on all of his social media, “Ninja” is an American Twitch streamer, professional video game player and Youtuber. Richard started his streaming career in 2011 after participating in an esports team where he was a competitive Halo 3 player. He has played for e-sports such as Renegades, Team Liquid, Cloud9 and up to the minute, Luminosity Gaming. Yet, what truly boosted his popularity as a streamer in the video gaming ranks in 2017 are his Fortnite Battle Royale gameplays which he streams on his Twitch channel to this day. At present, Ninja has 18.5M followers on his Twitch channel which makes him the most followed Twitch channel to exist in 2023. 

On a recent live stream, Ninja decided that he would be attempting to beat Only Up! like many other streamers on his live stream. He began playing the game with no knowledge whatsoever of how to play it. He began the gameplay thinking there would be a tutorial phase but realized there wasn’t any. Hence, he started playing the game by first getting used to the controls, fooling around with it and asking his chat how to even begin the game. Afterward, he quickly understood how to play the game and began his journey to beating the game. What really surprised all his fans and everyone who saw the run afterward was that he beat the game on his first try at 2 hours and 1 minute without any prior knowledge or without watching anyone play it earlier.

Best Only Up Wins On Stream

Credit: Only Up!


Needless to say, Only Up! has the gaming community in a chokehold that no one wants to come out of. It is an addictive game that no one can stop playing or watching streamers play in a unique way on their live streams. Hence, go take a look at the 5 best Only Up! wins on live streams picked by us and enjoy!

5 Best Only Up! Wins On Live Stream
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