5 Best Indie Arcade Games You Should Play

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5 Best Indie Arcade Games You Should Play

Indie arcade games have emerged as a captivating and vibrant subset within the gaming industry, showcasing the creativity and innovation of indie developers. These games often break away from traditional arcade conventions, offering unique experiences that challenge established norms. Whether it's through nostalgia-inducing pixel art or cutting-edge technologies, indie arcade games offer a rich and rewarding gaming experience that resonates with players seeking something fresh and unconventional. This is the reason why, after talking about indie sports games among others, in this article, we will talk about indie arcade games.

5. Cosmotrons

Cosmotrons, even when compared to other indie games, exude a sense of low-fidelity charm. The visuals, inspired by vector graphics, evoke a nostalgic aura reminiscent of the late 70s and early 80s. Even the deluxe cabinet variant, crafted entirely from fiberglass, strongly resembles the iconic Computer Space arcade machine. However, despite its homage to the past, Cosmotrons is just as contemporary as any other game on this list. While its core mechanics draw inspiration from classics like Gravitar and Space Duel, it quickly becomes evident that Cosmotrons delves much deeper.

Although Cosmotrons offers a single-player option, it truly shines in its multiplayer modes. The VS mode presents a frenzied free-for-all experience, while the Team mode engages players in intense 2v2 battles where victory can be achieved through opponent destruction or flag capture. The Be the Boss mode pits three players against a massively overpowering adversary. However, if you find yourself playing alone, the Single Player mode allows you to explore over 20 maps, refine your skills, and take part in timed speed runs. If you relish the thrill of engaging in competitive combat with friends and appreciate exploring unique game mechanics, Cosmotrons is the perfect choice for you.


4. Tipsy Raccoons

Tipsy Raccoons sets itself out with a distinctive uniqueness in its credit system. Each participant puts a drink into one of the distinctive cupholders to start the game rather than inserting a coin. This innovative strategy allows up to four players to take part in a variety of oddball mini-games and trivia questions. Although there is a sizable range of mini-games presently accessible, new content will be added on a regular basis via free online updates.

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Tipsy Raccoons truly excels as a straightforward drinking and party game. With just a joystick and a single button, players can easily dive into the action. Following the tradition of a classic drinking game, the losers take a sip after each round. Despite its emphasis on beverages, Tipsy Raccoons also offers a cash mode to cater to more conventional arcade settings. If you're seeking an intriguing gimmick and competitive enjoyment with friends, Tipsy Raccoons is the ideal game for you.

Tipsy Raccoons

3. Rashlander

Developed by Ryan Davis, Rashlander is an engaging gravity-based indie arcade game that follows the style of lander games, requiring players to navigate around asteroids and carefully manage their fuel. According to the official press release, the game draws significant inspiration from timeless classics such as Lunar Lander and Asteroids, as well as acclaimed modern indie hits like Downwell and Spelunky. However, Rashlander maintains its distinct and unique identity. In comparison to other arcade games, it offers a remarkable level of depth.

Rashlander delivers an exceptional single-player experience. Players who relish the process of thoroughly understanding games will delight in exploring the five stages, each brimming with hidden content. The joy of discovery is enhanced by intricate upgrade systems, secret paths, the game-altering element of time travel, and a high-skill ceiling. Beyond its outstanding core mechanics, Rashlander also provides a delightful feast for the senses. The sharp and visually appealing pixel art, accompanied by a lively chiptune soundtrack, contributes to an enjoyable experience. If multiplayer gameplay doesn't hold as much appeal and you prefer immersive solo experiences, Rashlander is the perfect game for you.


2. Skycurser

Skycurser has become one of the independently-developed arcade games to attract considerable attention from the mainstream and for valid reasons. Griffin Aerotech not only created a single game but also introduced an entirely new arcade hardware platform. The Airframe Arcade Operating System was designed by indie developers for indie developers, and Skycurser served as an exceptional inaugural title. Skycurser is a fast-paced side-scrolling shoot-em-up that draws direct inspiration from the intense violence and attitude prevalent in 90s gaming.

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Skycurser is a shoot-em-up game that arcade lovers and shoot-em-up fans must play since it has four missions that will make you sweat. The possibility to play with two people at once on a single cabinet is available, despite the fact that multiplayer is not given priority in the game. Moreover, those who successfully complete the main game are rewarded with an even more challenging second round, with no continues permitted. Skycurser provides a consistently enjoyable experience. If you're seeking a 90s-inspired adventure filled with visceral action and triumph, Skycurser is the ideal game for you.


1. Killer Queen

One of the captivating aspects of the arcade ambiance is the close proximity and multiplayer experience, and Killer Queen takes this concept to the fullest extent. Killer Queen, essentially, is a strategic game that accommodates ten players divided into teams. Drawing inspiration from a field game bearing the same name, this title presents teams with three different paths to victory: military, economic, or snail conquest. Due to the numerous players involved, there is constant action, necessitating teams to attentively monitor every aspect of the conflict.

Although Killer Queen possesses a straightforward control scheme, it offers far greater complexity compared to most other arcade games currently available. However, those who invest time in mastering its mechanics will receive significant rewards. The game has already established a remarkably devoted (although relatively small) community. Nevertheless, playing on the two imposing arcade cabinets will always provide the definitive experience. If you desire an arcade game with real-time strategy mechanics accompanied by enthusiastic shouts and cheers, Killer Queen is the perfect choice for you.

Killer Queen

5 Best Indie Arcade Games You Should Play
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