LoL: LEC Summer Finals 2022 Heads Back to Malmö

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LoL: LEC Summer Finals 2022 Heads Back to Malmö

After two years in the Berlin LEC Studio, the conclusion of the European Championship is back on the LEC Summer Finals 2022 Heads Back to Malmö.

The LEC Roadshow is back! Riot Games just announced that the 2022 LEC Summer Finals will be held in the Malmö Arena in Malmö, Sweden! The organizers have also revealed the date of the height of the European League of Legends competition, so fans can already book tickets to Sweden for September 10-11.

The last time the LEC Finals has been held outside of Germany was in 2019, when Riot took the Roadshow to Athens, Greece. Due to the pandemic, the last two Finals were held in the Berlin LEC Studio without a crowd. This Spring, however, the organizers let the fans back into the studio, but for the Summer Split, they take it a step further!

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The last time Sweden gave home to an LEC Finals was in 2015 when Fnatic and Origen battled it out for five nail-biter games. Martin “Rekkles” Larsson got a Pentakill after finishing a perfect Split, Origen making a comeback to force out a Silver Scrapes, but ultimately losing to the legendary orange-black squad.

Tickets will be available from July 1st after RDYCHK, so fans can get their hands on them shortly. The Finals will take place in the Malmö Arena, where you can watch teams such as G2 Esports, MAD Lions, Excel Esports, Rogue and Fnatic battle it out. The LEC Summer Finals 2022 is also key because the top four sides will be heading to Worlds. With the Semi-Final featuring the four European Worlds sides, it'll be an exciting event for fans in Europe.

LoL: LEC Summer Finals 2022 Heads Back to Malmö
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