21 Savage’s Fright Night $25K Call of Duty Warzone Tournament Details

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21 Savage’s Fright Night $25K Call of Duty Warzone Tournament Details

Halloween might be over, but erenaGG is hosting a Fright Night tomorrow that you don't want to miss!

erenaGG already has several Call of Duty Warzone tournaments lined up for the next week, and they've just announced another one to get the show started. DJ Khaled might come after them for copyright infringement soon.

They've just announced the 21 Savage's 25K Fright Night Call of Duty Warzone tournament.

Fright Night Tournament Format

$9K goes to the 1st place finisher! Who will take home the grand prize?
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21 Savage's Fright Night Call of Duty Warzone tournament goes down tomorrow at 3 PM ET. 21 trios will make eight drops into Vondel Resurgence, which debuted in Season 4 this summer. The tournament will have standard kills and placement multipliers for points. $25K total is up for grabs, with 9K going to the 1st place finisher. Fans will have to wait and see what trios will be entering the tournament.

Immediately after debuting, Vondel gained a reputation for being a rat's nest map full of campers. But many players counter this point by claiming it's easy to push rooftop campers, regardless of how easy camping is on Vondel. It'll be an interesting tournament, for sure.

Free up some time on your calendar this week, Call of Duty Warzone fans. erenaGG has your entertainment covered. You can watch the action tomorrow at twitch.tv/callofduty.

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