League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Bench Meteos And Stunt, Will Start Contractz And Poome

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League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Bench Meteos And Stunt, Will Start Contractz And Poome

100 Thieves is experimenting with their LCS roster.

Changes are coming to the 100 Thieves League of Legends Championship Series starting roster this week as jungler William “Meteos” Hartman and William “Stunt” Chen will be benched for week four.

In place of the benched starters, 100 Thieves will look to Academy jungler Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia and support Philippe “Poome” Lavoi-Giguere. 100 Thieves are currently in a terrible phase, going 1-5 so far in the LCS and currently sit tied for 8th place.

It really isn’t looking good for Meteos, who has again found himself taking the cut for his team’s poor form. Meteos has become a bit of a journeyman of the LCS having stints at Cloud9, Phoenix1, FlyQUest, OpTic (then Immortals) before rejoining 100 Thieves in Spring.

His previous time at 100 Thieves also ended in him being benched. The last time it happened he was traded to FlyQuest for their Academy jungler Andy “AnDa” Hoang. This time, however, Meteos appears to have been blindsided by the news, as do his teammates. He Tweeted:

“Pretty weird to hear the players on my team didn’t know about or agree with the decision. All credit goes to @zikzlol @junglejuiceLoL and @papaSmithy! Clearly the people not on the team know what’s best for it.”

He later deleted the Tweet and instead said “Maybe it's a blessing”. 100 Thieves would later confirm the news in the below Tweet.

What Next for 100 Thieves?

PapaSmithy took to Twitter later in the day to go over what caused the changes and what the team is doing next. PapaSmithy said he has spoken with Meteos about “multiple different scenarios,” including a 6-man roster, Academy, other opportunities at 100 Thieves, or leaving the org entirely. “Any opportunities around 100 Thieves or elsewhere are all on the table [for Meteos].”

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For Stunt, it seems like PapaSmithy wanted to find “the perfect home in the LCS” which would lead us to believe that he’s likely to leave. Stunt is also unlikely to play Academy, as the side has a second option in Academy in Brindon “BReezyyy” Keeesey. Smithy continues by saying the changes are to make sure the side makes it to playoffs, and later worlds this split.

100 Thieves face off against Golden Guardians and Team Digitas on week four.

League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Bench Meteos And Stunt, Will Start Contractz And Poome
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