Zer0, Dylan And Alexx Join Seany On London Royal Ravens For 2021 Call of Duty League Season

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Zer0, Dylan And Alexx Join Seany On London Royal Ravens For 2021 Call of Duty League Season

After a tease from the Ravens last night, they have officially announced their starting roster for the 2021 season

The London Royal Ravens had a strong end to the inaugural Call of Duty League season. They finished top four at Champs and put up some extremely good performances throughout the year. They decided to extend the contract of Sean “Seany” O’Connor in early August, however we heard nothing more from the team until today. While this has been the rumoured team for a while, it is now official that the London Royal Ravens starting roster for the 2021 Call of Duty League season will be Seany, Zer0, Dylan and Alexx.

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Sean “Seany” O’Connor

Seany’s resigning was announced back in August as he was the only player from the Ravens to have his contract extended. He was one of the most influential players on the team, and pulled off some incredible plays such as his 1v2 vs New York on Rammaza Search and Destroy which gave him the nickname “Construction Man”. Seany is set to be the Main AR for the London Royal Ravens this season.

Trei “Zer0” Morris

Zer0 is another returning Raven from the 2020 season. He joined London back in May coming from the New York Subliners. Morris played extremely well with the MP5 and made multiple game winning plays throughout the year. His best performances, however, came against his old team, where he had multiple 30-plus kill games.

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Thomas “Dylan” Henderson

The last of the returning players from last year's Royal Ravens roster is Dylan. Dylan was widely referred to as one of the best SMG players from the 2019 Black Ops 4 season, so he had a lot of hype going into last year. His performances were inconsistent, though when he played well he took over the game and could single handedly win matches. If Dylan can return to his level from the previous Treyarch title, the Ravens could be a dangerous team this season.

Alex “Alexx” Carpenter

Alexx rounds out this British roster coming over from a year in Minnesota. He was one of the best players in the league on LAN but he and the rest of the Rokkr suffered when the League moved online. While it has not been announced if there will be any LAN events in the 2021 season, Alexx will need to improve his online performances just in case.

The London Royal Ravens will go into the 2021 season without fan-favorite twins Bradley “Wuskin” and Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall. However, their new roster seems to be the best of the European talent available, and they could be the first to bring a chip home to Europe.

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