Xtreme Gaming vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

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Xtreme Gaming vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

Xtreme Gaming vs OG will be the second match for the WEU squad at The Berin Major 2023

Following the match versus SMG, it is time for the Xtreme Gaming vs OG clash that will take place in Group B of the ESL One Berlin Major 2023. One of the best teams in China has to go against the top-tier squad from Western Europe in an epic battle. In the end, only one will survive, so check the hottest sites for betting on Dota 2 to learn more about the odds. 

Xtreme Gaming vs OG Preview

This will be the second game for OG and the first one for Xtreme Gaming, which is why we expect to see an interesting series. Both teams have excellent players on paper, so the clash is very difficult to predict.

Xtreme Gaming

After failing to qualify for some of the big international tournaments, Paparazzi and the rest are finally here. The Xtreme Gaming vs OG clash will be the first one for the Chinese powerhouse in a while and the team will want to start with a positive result.


Despite having 2 standings for the OG vs Xtreme Gaming clash, the Western European powerhouse is among the big favorites. With players like  BZM, this team is on another level and it has proven it many times. 

Xtreme Gaming vs OG Predictions

As much as we want to point out at one team and say it will win, the Xtreme Gaming vs OG clash will be a draw. Neither team is that much better than the rest to win in a Bo2 match

First Map

Unless OG surprises its opponents, we believe Xtreme Gaming will win the first map.

First Blood

OG will most likely be the team that will get the first blood.

First Roshan

Although the changes after 7.33b had a massive effect on the game, we believe that the first Roshan will also go in favor of OG.

First to reach 10 kills


It is highly likely to see Xtreme Gaming reach 10 kills before its opponents. The Chinese powerhouse has been pretty good lately, so we can’t wait to see them in action.

Who will have more kills in Game 1?

Assuming XG wins the first game of the series, we think Paparzii and the rest will have more kills.

Over/Under 30 kills?

If Dota 2 bettors decide to wager on this market, our vote goes for under 30 kills difference between the two. Having more kills than that usually means the game ended in a stomp.

Can OG win the second game in under 30 minutes – No

As good as BZM’s team is, it is unlikely to see a 30-minute victory in the Xtreme Gaming vs OG match at ESL One Berlin Major 2023.

Xtreme Gaming vs OG – Where to watch

You can watch these 2 teams live on Twitch on April 26 at 20:45 EEST. Keep in mind that we have several other predictions for this event, so check them out.

Xtreme Gaming vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023
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