Will Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond Return in EA FC 24?

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Will Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond Return in EA FC 24?

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond were a welcome addition to FIFA 23, but will the Apple TV+ characters return in EA FC 24?

Who's America's most favorite soccer manager? Is it Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp? No, it's Ted Lasso! The Apple TV+ hit series, centered around an unwitting American coach assuming the helm of AFC Richmond, a fictional Premier League team, didn't just captivate American viewersβ€”it made a global impact. The show achieved such immense success that it caught the attention of EA Sports, prompting them to make the decision to feature both Ted Lasso and his team, AFC Richmond, in FIFA 23.


As EA FC 24 approaches, fans of the show are eagerly questioning whether Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond will once again be featured in the game. Here's everything you need to know about the presence of Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in EA FC 24.

Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in EA FC 24? Here's What We Know

Regrettably, Ted Lasso won't be making a return appearance in EA Sports FC 24, dashing the hopes of fans who had eagerly anticipated his and AFC Richmond's presence in the game's latest installment. It seems that the delightful crossover experience was a one-time affair, exclusively reserved for FIFA 23, a title that coincided with the show's peak.

While the absence of Ted Lasso in EA Sports FC 24 may come as a disappointment to many, it's important to acknowledge the lasting impact that AFC Richmond had on the gaming community. During its brief stint in FIFA 23, the team quickly became a fan favorite. The decision to feature AFC Richmond was not only a testament to the show's popularity but also a nod to the captivating narrative and endearing characters that made Ted Lasso such a beloved series.

AFC Richmond, a fictional English Premier League team, was a unique creation for the television show. The team's home ground was shown at Nelson Road, a place that existed solely within the fictional universe of the series. The stadium featured in the series was actually Selhurst Park, the home of Premier League outfit Crystal Palace.

It's important to emphasize that Richmond was not a real-world team, and the players featured on the squad were not actual footballers. Instead, they were inspired by real-life players, drawing characteristics and traits from the world of professional football to craft a believable and engaging narrative.

From a footballing perspective, it's worth noting that when AFC Richmond was initially introduced in the show, they were portrayed as a somewhat lackluster team, with their on-field performance leaving much to be desired. This portrayal added a layer of realism to the series, as many real-world sports teams have their ups and downs.

When AFC Richmond made the transition from the television screen to the digital pitch in FIFA 23, however, the team underwent a transformation. The developers behind the game saw the opportunity to give players an exciting and competitive experience by bolstering the squad with some genuinely talented virtual footballers. This meant that by the time they were added to the game, AFC Richmond had not only improved in terms of gameplay but also boasted a complete roster, representing the entire squad as depicted in the show.

In FIFA 23, you had the exciting chance to manage the team as Ted Lasso, with Jason Sudeikis' likeness, although his trusted deputee, Coach Beard, wasn't available as a playable manager. AFC Richmond was a choice for players in the career mode league, complete with real kits, player licenses, and the iconic Nelson Road stadium for matches. Moreover, players could deploy the team in online seasons and friendly matches.

AFC Richmond FIFA 23 Ratings

Jamie Tartt leads the AFC Richmond roster in FIFA 23 with an impressive rating of 84, closely followed by CDM Roy Kent, who bears resemblance to the legendary Manchester United captain Roy Keane and holds an overall rating of 83. Completing the top three is Dani Rojas, holding a respectable rating of 82. Sam Obisanya boasts an 81 rating, while Isaac McAdoo earns recognition as the team's top defender with a solid rating of 80.

To provide insight into the players' perceived skill levels by EA Sports, it's worth noting that Tartt's FIFA 23 rating equals that of Manchester City ace Jack Grealish.




Will Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond Return in EA FC 24?
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