Will EA Sports FC Still Feature Real Players and Teams?

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Will EA Sports FC Still Feature Real Players and Teams?

Will EA Sports FC still feature real players and teams, ss a question some were asking when the deal was first announced. Thankfully, very little looks set to change. 

When EA announced FIFA 24 wasn't coming, and we'd instead move to EA Sports FC. Many had a lot of questions, and one of those was about the impact, or loss, of real players and clubs from the series. EA has been quick to squash any worries fans might have, thankfully announcing things are staying mostly the same.

Will EA Sports FC Still Feature Real Players and Teams

EA Sports FC 24 will be the first game in the new series, with EA brokering individual partnerships with leagues around the World. The English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, and the MLS have already signed exclusivity deals with EA for EA Sports FC. These deals will see EA FC 24 continue to feature all the major leagues that it has in the past as FIFA. With each league governing their own licensing, it's likely EA hasn't even had to change much for EA FC 24. As you can see below, EA haven't been shy in promoting the fact the game features pro players from the top Men's and Women's clubs from around the world. And with EA FC 24 having Ultimate Team, EA couldn't really afford not to have real players and teams, considering Ultimate Team is what bring in the real big bucks.

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EA Sports FC 24 ultimate edition cover art

In reality, and we spoke about it more in our article about FIFA changing to EA FC. EA probably saw this coming a mile off, and planned accordingly. FIFA really is just a name, and while EA will probably need to work something out for the upcoming Men's World Cup, but EA Sports FC is going to be just as stacked with famous faces as any FIFA title has before.

Could it change in future

In really, FIFA could put pressure on regional football governing bodies such as UEFA, which governs European football. In doing so, they could force the hand of these regions to partner with whomever FIFA line up in future, if they even do. After all, a lot of the talk from FIFA could all just be a bluff, because it all sounded like they got blindsided by EA's plans not to continue the licence deal going forward.

Though, it is worth nothing that, even UEFA and its leagues only really care about the money. So, providing EA offer them more than whatever someone else offers them, we doubt anything will change. Afterall, with EA now not paying FIFA 100s of millions a year, leagues probably saw a bump in their own deals as a result.

Will EA Sports FC Still Feature Real Players and Teams?
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