WESA to Investigate Ninjas in Pyjamas

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WESA to Investigate Ninjas in Pyjamas

WESA, The World Esports Association, has announced an official investigation into allegations against the Swedish organization Ninjas In Pyjamas.

WESA have tasked ESIC commissioner Ian Smith to “conduct an independent third-party review of allegations against NiP”. The Investigation comes after Richard Lewis conducted an in-depth interview with former NiP player Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson. In the Interview, Johansson alleged that the NiP organization had conducted a multitude of grievances against himself and other players in the organization, both past and present.

Alongside owing players prize-money, Johansson also highlighted oppressive elements of the player contracts. These include the right for NiP to terminate players at any time, the ability for NiP to fine players for breaching the terms of their contract and players allegedly needing written approval from NiP management regarding their choice of a romantic partner. Certain allegations of mistreatment have since been supported by former NiP players Richard “Xizt” Landström and Adam “friberg” Friberg, alongside ex-NiP staff members.

NiP’s CEO Hicham Chahine, who is on the executive board for WESA, claimed in a public statement that all financial issues with Johansson had been settled as of September 20th 2016. In the statement signed by Chahine, he made no comment as to whether other players are still owed money and instead stated that “anyone else that feels mistreated by the organization in the past give us a chance to address their concerns”.

Johansson also publicly criticized inaugural Esports Hall of Fame member, and former NiP CEO, Emil “HeatoN” Christensen. In a string of tweets, Johannson accused Christensen of lying in court and hiring his then-girlfriend to a role with a higher salary than the NiP players. Johansson also leaked internal emails that showed Chrstensen was attempting to avoid taxes and withhold “Sticker Money” (The money earned by players from the sales of their autographed in-game stickers during the Majors) from the players. Christensen denied the allegations, claiming they were “untrue” and that people should “Stay tuned for my story, it has papers from the Swedish court to back it up”.

NiP's Response

NiP have publicly responded to the announcement of the review, claiming that they “are taking the allegations towards our organization very seriously, and have spent a significant amount of time reviewing and resolving any outstanding issues from the past.”. The statement also reveals that 10 cases of mistreatment were brought to the organization following Johannson’s initial interview and that 9 of these 10 cases have since been resolved. NiP state that they “welcome WESA’s investigation and will work with them to ensure it is as thorough as possible”.

The public statement, this time not signed by Chahine, finishes by looking to the future by stating:

“We are embarking on a new chapter of Ninjas in Pyjamas: With new investors and increased resources, welcoming new hires to strengthen the management team and organization, opening our new player training facilities to better support our players competitively, and increasing our investments into our brand and fans. “

Ian Smith, the Commissioner in charge of the investigation, has requested that anyone with relevant information regarding the NiP allegations to contact him at: [email protected].

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