“We have no fear… I think we can have a very successful season” – Toronto Ultra ahead of CDL 2023 Week 1

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“We have no fear… I think we can have a very successful season” – Toronto Ultra ahead of CDL 2023 Week 1

Here’s what Toronto Ultra had to say ahead of their first match in the 2023 Call of Duty League season. 

Toronto Ultra has consistently been at the top of the Call of Duty League since the beginning. While they had a disappointing year last year, Ultra are always seen as a team who could beat anyone. Possibly the dark horses of the CDL, Toronto Ultra head into the opening weekend with confidence, and look to take down northern rivals Minnesota ROKKR in their first match.

Q – The competition seems to look close this year. Do you think that has to do with the season starting earlier than usual?

Insight: “No one's been scrimming more than others, had more time to practice or anything like that. So I'd honestly say we've had a long enough time to figure out the game and it's nothing new to us. I think it just comes down to people having already figured out how to play squad spawn games and stuff like that, so everyone has already had a month to grind and get stuff down. I just think every team right now has got the best players in the world in them, so it's always gonna be a difficult task to beat anyone.”

Q – Scrappy, you’re known as a loud and energetic player. How excited are you to get to LAN and play in front of a home crowd this year?

Scrappy: “I can't wait. I've been waiting to play on LAN, especially at a major, since I started competing and I couldn't do it last year, so I just can't wait to start fresh and start new this year and just hear everyone get me hyped, get the team hyped, and it's gonna be a good time.”

Q – The Breaking Point Coaches Poll ranked you 3rd. Does that give you some extra confidence heading into the season, seeing the recognition from other coaches?

Scrappy: “I don't know if we really pay any attention to that. I think we have confidence through our practice and through what we achieve together. So I don't think we need anyone to tell us how good we are. I think we know how good we are together just by ourselves.”

Q – What makes Toronto Ultra the best team in the League this year? What’s your best asset?

Insight: “I think for us, it's just the skill ceiling and just the ceiling for how good this team can be. There's so much pop-off potential and anyone can take over a game at any given minute. So I think that could be like our secret weapon.”

Scrappy: “I would say for me it would be that Jamie, Eli and Tobi can all tell you that they probably didn't have the year they wanted last year. And so this is kind of like all their comebacks years. And with me coming in, it's just my first year and I'm super hungry to get going. So I think that all of us together just creates a super passionate team and super hungry team and we just can't wait to play with each other.”

Standy: “I think we're gonna have great adaptability. We're gonna be solid in all three game modes, in my eyes. So, I mean, I think at the end of the day, I know a word Ryan likes to use his pace variation. I think we're gonna have a lot of that. I think we're gonna change up the game plan. But other than that, I mean, I'm excited to play with these guys and, you know, win some matches.”

CleanX: “I'd say my one is probably confidence, confidence in each other and the team. When we practice, we know what we want to do. We know that no one needs to take anything the wrong way and just, you know, practice is easy with these guys.”

Ryan (Coach): “We’re obviously the youngest team in the league, and I think what comes with that is a certain fearlessness if that makes sense. So I think we have no fear and obviously, we know the skill ceiling, so going into every match, we expect to win. And I think that's gonna serve us very well, that confidence obviously with the skills that we have. And I think we can obviously have a very successful season.”

Toronto Ultra begin their 2023 Call of Duty League season on Saturday, December 3rd, as they take on Minnesota ROKKR in the battle of the north. This game brings some more fire with it, following Standy’s move from ROKKR to Ultra, and Bance and Cammy going the other way.

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