Ways Professional CSGO Players Make Money

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Ways Professional CSGO Players Make Money

It’s been almost a decade since CSGO release and it is still one of the most-liked and played games all around the world.

CSGO has become a widespread source of income for not just professional players, but also designers creating mods & skins for the game.

The active numbers of CSGO players and tournaments are increasing exponentially. This is because of the growing fan base and interest of viewers and players towards CSGO.

Undoubtedly, CSGO provided several income opportunities for professional players. It is worth noting that not every income method generates the same amount. Similarly, different ways require different inputs from the players.

Let’s find out how professional CSGO players earn money in different ways.

Participating in Leagues and Competitions

It is one of the major ways by which players, who think they are capable of competing at a world-class level, can earn huge prize money. Not only money, but they can also get famous by winning competitions which attract sponsorships as well. Every passionate CSGO player steps into the competitive space with this dream.

Besides official CSGO tournaments, many global and local websites conduct regular tournaments with decent prize pools. Skilled CSGO players can try out their chances in these tournaments to earn some extra cash while enjoying and gaining experience playing CSGO.

Joining an esports Organization

Potential CSGO talents usually get hired by renowned esports organizations. They hire professional players, polish their skills, and prepare them for huge tournaments.

More than 11 professional CSGO players have broken the $1 million earning milestone. Among them, Dupreeh (Team Astralis) is the top player with the most earning of $1.9 million.

By joining an esports organization, players can get handsome salaries and coaching that can further boost their esports careers. Players get opportunities to participate in top CSGO events and by winning them they can grab huge cash prizes.

Streaming and Content Creation

Streaming is a main but not easy source of income for CSGO players. Players having the ability to entertain viewers with their gameplay or have something unique to offer, then streaming and content creation should be their call.

Today, streaming is getting more common and a lot of CSGO players are making most of their revenues by just streaming on different streaming platforms. Twitch and Youtube are the main ones.

It is a rather enduring process but all it takes is a game-changing moment for every CSGO streamer or content creator to make their CSGO career successful.

Selling CSGO Skins

It requires a bit of experience but players selling and trading skins smartly in CSGO can earn money. Trading skins can be a risky move but it is worth it because if you luckily have any rarest skin then you can sell it for thousands of dollars.

Players should know about the market value, trends, and events that let them predict the value of the in-game items and skins. There are hundreds of credible websites that provide a simple platform for CSGO players using which they can trade or sell skins productively. Third party websites allow CSGO players to sell and buy skins using Paypal making trading and selling easier than ever before.


Coaching CSGO to upcoming players can be a good source of income for players having necessary CSGO skills. They can teach beginners how to play or get better at the game by sharing their tactics and experience.

Collaboration with an esports organization to teach and train competitive players can be a potential job. Also, online freelancing platforms are great to offer such services to players who are willing to spend to get better at the game.

Fixed CSGO Games (controversial)

While it’s illegal for professional CSGO players to participate in odds and competitive match betting, there have been instances where players have been caught doing so. This is hopefully a rare path to make money in gaming as a professional CSGO player.

Professional CSGO Players with Highest Earnings

In the beginning, the earnings of CSGO professional players weren’t that high as they are now. In 2014 the prize pool of the Katowice ESL Major was $250,000. In 2020, the prize pool of Katowice Major was raised to $1,000,000.

According to Statista, the following are the professional CSGO players with the highest earnings,

  • Dupreeh (Peter Rasmussen) $1.91 million
  • Xyp9x (Andreas Højsleth) $1.89 million
  • dev1ce (Nicolai Reedtz) $1.87 million
  • gla1ve (Lukas Rossander) $1.74 million
  • Magisk (Emil Reif)                 $1.5  million
  • Stewie2k (Jakey Yip)              $1.14 million
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