Warzone Mobile Lite Released: The Low End CoD WM Solution Is Here

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Warzone Mobile Lite Released: The Low End CoD WM Solution Is Here

Warzone Mobile Lite has just dropped! What can you expect from this new version?

UPDATE: Sounds too good to be true? Well, that's cause it isn't! April Fool!

Activision has released a lightweight version of Warzone Mobile. The developers made the move to make the game more accessible to players. Warzone Mobile Lite specifically targets low-end Android devices. That means, this new version will significantly reduce the device requirements and make the experience smoother in non-flagship phones. It might not come with the best fidelity, but the game should run seamlessly with little to no lag whatsoever.

Warzone Mobile Lite Will Make The Game More Accessible

Warzone Mobile is built on the IW9 engine, the same powerful engine behind the 2023 PC and console reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.This was an ambitious move from Activision as it aims to deliver MW 3 content across all platforms. Unfortunately, it made the game less inclusive as only high-end iOS devices can cope with such lofty system requirements. Since the bar got so high, players with no so powerful fans did not get to enjoy Warzone Mobile in its full glory. Heating issues and lags have been common complaints for non-iOS Warzone Mobile gamers.

Warzone Mobile Lite Released

Credit: Activision

How Warzone Mobile Lite Levels the Playing Field

Most mobile games use the Unity game engine. Big hits like Pokemon GO, Among Us, Free Fire and even, Call of Duty Mobile utilize this platform. Unreal Engine 4 is another popular choice, which has famously brought PUBG to life on our mobile screens. We are still not sure which of these engines Warzone Mobile Lite went for, but it can’t be the IW9. Ditching this highly demanding platform will make the game visuals a bit less appealing, but it should make the game more enjoyable. We expect a far better performance on Warzone Mobile Lite than Warzone Mobile’s minimum graphics setting.

Warzone Mobile Lite crossplay compatibility with Warzone Mobile, which would give it a significant edge over its competitors. PUBG Lite, for example, doesn’t allow players to team up with regular PUBG players. Despite this drawback, PUBG Lite retains a strong player base. So, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic for Warzone Mobile Lite.

Warzone Mobile Lite Released: The Low End CoD WM Solution Is Here
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