Warzone Fortune’s Keep: New Map Revealed

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Warzone Fortune’s Keep: New Map Revealed

A new map comes to Warzone, taking players to the coast of the Mediterranean.

Call of Duty Warzone has featured the same two maps for the majority of its lifetime, with Caldera only just being added to the game with the destruction of Verdansk. Rebirth Island has given the fast paced players a smaller map to test their skills on, but has been in the game for over a year now and is starting to get stale. 

Finally, players' prayers have been answered, with a brand new small map coming to Warzone in season 4, called Fortune’s Keep.

Fortune’s Keep Reveal

Fortune’s Keep has been a rumor within the Call of Duty Warzone community for a while, with many fans hyped about the introduction of a new smaller map. However, its arrival was confirmed on June 12th with the Call of Duty Twitter launching a new community challenge.

A small portion of the map was revealed by the Call of Duty Twitter account, with 12 more pieces of the complete map needing to be found by the community.

It didn't take long before every part of Fortune’s Keep had been found, and the full map was revealed.

How big is Fortune’s Keep

YouTuber JGOD posted a tweet showing Rebirth Island placed on top of Fortune’s Keep, detailing its slightly larger size.

This looks to be a good medium between the extremely fast paced gameplay of Rebirth Island, and the slow and sometimes boring Caldera.

Fortune’s Keep will arrive to Warzone with Season 4 of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone, and will completely replace Rebirth Island.

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