USWNT EA FC 24 Player Ratings Revealed

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USWNT EA FC 24 Player Ratings Revealed

The USWNT EA FC 24 player ratings are out as gamers prepare to lace up their virtual cleats ahead of EA FC 24’s highly anticipated release

The US Women’s National Team is the most recognizable team in women’s football. 2023 has not been great for the Stars and Stripes as they crashed out of the World Cup quarterfinals and failed to win the title for an unprecedented third time in a row. The USWNT EA FC 24 player ratings reflect the poor season the team has had as only one player managed to break into the top 10 highest-rated women players list.

That being said, the record-time World Champions are still one of the most formidable national teams in EA FC 24. Let’s check out their player ratings in the new game.

USWNT EA FC 24 Player Ratings: The Highlights

USWNT EA FC 24 Player Ratings Revealed

Leading the charge for the US Women's National Team in EA FC 24 is none other than the prolific striker, Alex Morgan, who secures the top spot with a stunning overall rating of 89. With an impressive rating of 89 in shooting, she possesses the precision and power to find the back of the net with incredible accuracy, making her a fierce offensive threat in the game.

Challenging the USWNT veteran for the top spot is the rising star, Sophia Smith, whose in-game attributes are nothing short of exceptional. Sophia Smith's overall rating of 88 makes her a compelling striker choice in EA FC 24. The Portland Thorns star’s blistering pace is a standout feature, allowing her to outpace defenders and create breakaway opportunities for herself and her team. With the ability to leave defenders trailing in her wake, Smith becomes a game-changer in fast-paced situations.

Securing the third position in the EA FC 24 rankings for the USWNT is the exceptionally talented Rose Lavelle, boasting an overall rating of 87. The attacking midfielder is a maestro in ball control, capable of navigating through tight defenses with ease. Moreover, Lavelle's pace rating stands at an impressive 86, underlining her ability to cover ground swiftly and make darting runs into the attacking third. This speed allows her to be a constant threat on the counter-attack and ensures she's well-positioned to exploit gaps in the opposition's defense.

Megan Rapinoe, another familiar face in the USWNT setup, gets an 85 rating. Her left-midfield card is particularly impressive, featuring an 86 dribbling rating and an astounding 95 in shooting. This makes her an enticing choice for gamers seeking a potent attacking midfield option to switch to during in-game scenarios.

Another USWNT player we must give a shoutout to is Carson Pickett. With an overall rating of 82, the left-back is not one of the top-rated players on the team, but she achieves a special place in FIFA history as the first-ever player in the gaming franchise to have a limb difference.

Proudly representing Racing Louisville FC, Pickett was born without her left forearm and hand, making her an inspirational figure among athletes with limb differences.

USWNT EA FC 24 Player Ratings: The Top 25

Here are the top 25 USWNT players in EA FC 24:

  • Alex Morgan-89
  • Sophia Smith-88
  • Rose Lavelle-87
  • Lindsey Horan-86
  • Mallory Swanson-86
  • Megan Rapinoe-85
  • Becky Sauerbrunn-85
  • Bella Bixby-84
  • Jane Campbell-84
  • Catarina Macario-84
  • Crystal Dunn-84
  • Aubrey Kingsbury-84
  • Trinity Rodman-84
  • Adrianna Franch-84
  • Meghan Klingenberg-83
  • Casey Murphy-83
  • Alyssa Naeher-83
  • Kelley O'Hara-83
  • Christen Press-83
  • Lynn Williams-83
  • Alana Cook-82
  • Vanessa DiBernardo-82
  • Julie Ertz-82
  • Ashley Hatch-82
  • Sofia Huerta-82
USWNT EA FC 24 Player Ratings Revealed
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