Unicorn Overlord Team Comp Guide: Best Earlygame Units

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Unicorn Overlord Team Comp Guide: Best Earlygame Units

Listing the best Unicorn Overlord team comp builds for the earlygame; choosing the best unit trios and exploring their potential on the field.

Unicorn Overlord's combat system has you mix and match powerful companions to create uniquely versatile comps.

There are a total of 12 characters in Unicorn Overlord. From skilled archers to beast-like mages, ATLUS and Vanillaware's latest strategy title has a lot to offer.

Like any classic RPG, each companion comes with a predetermined class, so it's up to you to maximize their potential. To get the best results, here's everything you need to know about the best Unicorn Overlord team comp strats!

Unicorn Overlord Team Comp Earlygame Guide

Not every character is born equal. Some offer better stats and scaling depending on where you put them, so we put together some of the strongest units you can start with!

These versatile units will serve as the foundations of your future 4-man squads. You're going to want strong teams made up of different characters that play off each other and dependable Leader passives. Here are the best ones we've found.

Unicorn Overlord Team Comp – Clive, Alain, Chloe

One of the earliest team comps you start out with involves Clive, Alain and Chloe.

This damage set-up is fairly straightforward; put a self-sustaining tank in front, deal solid Physical damage with Clive and have Chloe nuke enemies with AOE skills while healing the team.

Clive typically deals the most hurt in this Unicorn Overlord comp since killing an enemy with his assaulting ability gets his active point back — making Clive the tip of the spear.

This trio can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time, especially with Clive's Leader Effect.

Unicorn Overlord Team Comp – Auch, Hodrick, Sharon

The best “tank-buster” comp in Unicorn Overlord has Hodrick in front while Auch+Sharon share the backline.

Auch's unit will focus on tearing down enemy defenses for your damage comps. Here the team's focus is Auch, who will get rid of enemy armors with his spells, letting your damage units run through the opposition.

With two tanks and additional healing, this durable team comp won't have any trouble surviving.

Unicorn Overlord Team Comp – Bruno, Josef, Travis

The most versatile team comp on our list has Bruno the Gladiator behind both Josef and Travis.

Set Josef's healing ability to only heal when his allies are low. At the same time, Travis and Bruno will be a major part of your offensive. Both their line attacks and passive point steals will give you an incredible advantage in any fight, so long as they're being buffed by your Paladin.

Unicorn Overlord Team Comp – Auch, Selvie, Rolf

A fast-moving “variety” comp, Auch, Selvie and Rolf work together in the backline while typically having a tank (we suggest Travis) up front.

This unit has a ton of magic damage and sustain especially when you run Sandstorm Staff on Selvie. The extra survivability is particularly good against big colosseum bosses, where you'll need to pay attention to your damage potential.

Fire Curse Staff and Familiar Collar are other items you can consider for this Auch-Rolf comp.

Unicorn Overlord Team Comp Guide: Best Earlygame Units

Unicorn Overlord Team Comp – Melisandre, Marcelle, Nina

Deal with fliers, lines of cavalry and low-health enemies with this soldier comp!

As far as Unicorn Overlord team comp builds go, this unit is especially flexible. With the Swordfighter in the backline, Marcelle and Nina are free to deal with enemies in the front.

Have Counter Belt on Nina, as this lets her bypass her low initiative to target enemies who use their Active skills. Low-HP targets are also prioritized here, so if you're up against hard-to-kill squads, this is the team comp to go for.

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