Treyarch Nerfs MP5 Just Five Days After Black Ops Cold War Launch

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Treyarch Nerfs MP5 Just Five Days After Black Ops Cold War Launch

One of the most used weapons in Black Ops Cold War, the MP5 has received a significant nerf tonight.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War released just five days ago and the MP5 has been one of if not the most dominant weapon since launch. Many professional players have turned straight to the MP5 for launch tournaments, and it continues its reign as the supreme SMG in Call of Duty.

However, tonight Treyarch announced a nerf to the MP5. They said “We’ve reduced the effective damage range by 33% and adjusted the initial recoil for the MP5. Now get out there and try the other four!” The final comment suggests that the other four SMG’s have been totally neglected by the community due to the MP5’s sheer dominance, and Treyarch may need more data on these other weapons before they can do a complete weapon tuning patch.

Is the MP5 still viable?

Yes. The MP5 is still a dominant weapon, and will be one of the best SMG’s all year. While we may now see weapons such as the Milano 821 or AK74-U get more use, the MP5 will still be strong.

The MP5’s effective damage range has been reduced from 15.24m to 10.16m. While its initial recoil has been increased by around 5%. For all the Dark Matter grinders out there, you may have done well to get the MP5 done before this slight nerf.

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