Call of Duty: Treyarch Legend Jason Blundell Announces His Leave After 13 Years

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Call of Duty: Treyarch Legend Jason Blundell Announces His Leave After 13 Years

Jason Blundell, one of the original famed creators of Call of Duty's insanely popular zombies mode, has decided to leave Treyarch after 13 years.

In a public statement published this week on Twitter, Blundell said his time working on the beloved zombies franchise had been special. Then he thanked the entire zombies community for helping to “create memories I will cherish for a lifetime.”

“After thirteen fantastic, action-packed years, I am moving on from Treyarch. During my time at the studio, I’ve been privileged to work on a variety of projects, wearing many hats along the way. With my time on the Zombies team proving to be quite special. It’s a team comprised of some of the most creative and talented developers in the industry. Many of whom you never see because they’re behind the scenes shaping the direction of each experience.”

Blundell went on further. He poured his heart out to an esports community and shooter genre fanbase that has supported his entire career over the past evolving decade. Get your Call of Duty-themed tissues ready…

“Clearly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t personally thank the group that continues to make it all worth it clearly the Zombies community! Your passion, enthusiasm – and frankly, your craziness – has been a continued source of inspiration. The beauty of Zombies is that it has always been about the interaction between us developers and one of the most passionate player communities on the planet. These are memories I will cherish for a lifetime.”

“The team at Treyarch has been nothing short of awesome – thank you! And thank you to the fans for giving me the opportunity to bring life to the undead in so many wonderful ways. The honor has been all mine!”

Blundell's Career at Treyarch

He first became Executive Producer on Call of Duty: Black Ops. Then, he was one of the Campaign Design Directors for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He also directed two maps for the Zombies mode of Black Ops II, Mob of the Dead and Origins. A couple of years later, he directed Call of Duty: Black Ops III as Game Director for the Campaign mode. He was also Game Director for the Zombies mode, taking over the position previously held by Jimmy Zielinski. He remained Game Director for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies Mode after the campaign mode was canceled.

On November 2016, Blundell became Co-Studio Head of Treyarch alongside Dan Bunting and Mark Gordon. His reputation, from producer, to developer, and all-the-happy hype man, for a community he so dearly respects, will only grow as time goes by. Hopefully he turns his post-zombies career into something fresh as well as fun. Especially so since Blundell has dedicated his entire life to his video game career.

Fans have been showing their appreciation for the COD God all across social media. Some of Blundell’s strongest supporters over the years came back online only to tweet their hearts out. Parody accounts included….

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