Treyarch Begins Call Of Duty 2020 Teasers

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Treyarch Begins Call Of Duty 2020 Teasers

Today many Call of Duty content creators were allowed to open a crate they were sent recently. This marked the start of the Call of Duty 2020 teasers.

Treyarch is known for their elaborate alternate reality games or collaborations with celebrities when it comes to teasing their next Call of Duty game. This year we see nothing different from many Call of Duty content creators such as NoahJ456, Vikkstar123, eColiEspresso and many more being sent out mystery crates this week. Today they were allowed to open them and inside saw an old projector with some photographic slides.

Along with the projector and slides came a letter, it read:

“Summary of contents:

These are TOP SECRET documents containing compartmentalized information essential to national security.

You are requested to immediately distribute the provided intelligence to your operatives in the field. These materials are to be used in the investigation of Site [BLANK] in the Ural Mountains.

Please ensure that your package contains the documents listed in the column marked MANIFEST.

You will also be supplied a PROJECTOR to aid in distributing the materials

Authorised by: [BLANK]”

Not every content creator got every slide needed, this meant that they had to be shared through social media for people to work together and figure out the mystery.


Quickly fans realized that the map shown on the slides was Summit. A classic map from Call of Duty: Black Ops. When visiting the remastered Summit map in Black Ops 4 people saw that the control room has five clocks showing the times in Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, New York and London. The slides included in the crates showed the locations Paris, Moscow, New York and London numbered 1 to 4.

The control room screens also show an image, when these are overlaid above some of the slides the words TURN, ELEVATOR, WHEN are spelled out. While we are not sure what this means yet, it must be linked to the teaser.

Treyarch Adds More

Treyarch has changed their Twitter cover photo to the mountains which are behind the map Summit and have also added a new clue to their Instagram story. They continue to go above and beyond with their game reveals and we are sure there is still more to come. This may take days or weeks to find out the full meaning of these slides, but fans will be working tirelessly to get this solved.

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