Toronto Ultra Major 3 – Day 4 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

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Toronto Ultra Major 3 – Day 4 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

The Toronto Ultra Major 3 continued with the final day today, here’s everything that went down with exclusive interviews.

The Call of Duty League headed to Canada for the first time ever today as the Toronto Ultra Major 3 continued. Today, five more matches were played with some big stakes on the line. With it all to play for, here’s every result from today's final matches and what the players had to say following their victories.

Seattle Surge 3-2 Atlanta FaZe

Seattle Surge fans were confident heading into this matchup with Atlanta FaZe allowing a Bocage Hardpoint into this series. Mack came into this series hot, putting up 43 kills and a 1.39 K/D, however, the rest of Seattle Surge went negative and this resulted in a 250-203 victory for FaZe. Cellium continued his excellent performance from yesterday, dropping a 1.42 K/D as FaZe took a 1-0 lead.

Map two went the distance, heading to a round 11. In this clutch moment, Arcitys completely took over and picked up an ace to take the map 6-5, and go 2-0 up in the series. Arcitys turned his 3/9 into 7/9 with this ace, however, it was Simp who topped the leaderboard at 11/7. Tuscan Control came down to the final seconds, where Seattle Surge clutched up a 4 v 3 in the final round to take the map 3-2. Both teams had outstanding performers, with Mack dropping 35 kills for Surge, and Simp putting up 37 on Atlanta FaZe.

Seattle Surge forced a game five with a 250-245 Tuscan Hardpoint, pulling off an incredible comeback from 240-211 to win the map. This was down to some unbelievable team multi-kills, and beautiful teamwork that allowed Surge to complete the comeback and force the map five. After such a breakdown from FaZe, it's no surprise that Seattle Surge went on to win the map five Desert Siege Search and Destroy 6-1, confirming their spot in the Grand Final.

Toronto Ultra 3-1 LA Thieves

The crowd had been impressive all weekend, but the noise level rose even higher for this series. As the Toronto Ultra players came out to a guard of honour, the team’s confidence level increased and so did their clutch ability as they picked the slaying up in the final moments of the Hardpoint, taking it 250-212. Cammy was exceptional, getting crucial multi-kills. However, it was an all-round brilliant performance from Ultra that led to their 1-0 series lead.

An unbelievable Search and Destroy on Berlin went all the way to a round 11, but Toronto Ultra had the ice to close it out and win the map 6-5. Cammy played the final 1v2 incredibly as he played the time, and let the Thieves come to him, eventually winning the round and taking a 2-0 series lead. The series took a turn with LA Thieves dominating on Berlin Control, winning 3-1 to start their comeback into the series. The Thieves gave us one of the quickest rounds of Control we’ve ever seen, blitzing through Ultra on the first round of the Control.

Statistics say if you win Berlin Control and play Berlin Hardpoint straight after, you have a very good chance of winning the map. Toronto Ultra refused to listen to these statistics as they took Berlin Hardpoint 250-196. All the Ultra players were exceptional in this map, holding down the points and breaking with ease, moving forward to FaZe in the Losers Finals.

Atlanta FaZe 3-2 Toronto Ultra

Toronto Ultra were full of confidence heading into this game. However, a wounded FaZe were coming back full of anger, looking for a way back into the Grand Finals. Bocage was map one, and Atlanta FaZe showcased a perfect display of teamwork and domination to take a 1-0 lead in the series. FaZe took a 250-129 victory, with the whole FaZe roster having just a 3 kill gap between them, working perfectly together on the first map.

The second map of the series went the way of Toronto Ultra as they tied the series 1-1. Ultra took a 5-0 lead in this Berlin Search and Destroy, and while Atlanta FaZe began to make a comeback, and Cellium earned streaks, Ultra eventually closed it out and moved forward in the series. However, the Control saw the momentum swing back in favour of the Atlanta FaZe as they won Tuscan Control 3-1. Cellium was dominant in this map, being 13/4 after the first two rounds and having full streaks in his back pocket. 

The map four Hardpoint saw Toronto Ultra pull off an incredible comeback, winning almost every gunfight in the final moments and clutching up to force a game five. However, Atlanta FaZe showed up for map five, winning almost every first blood, and advancing to the Grand Finals.

Seattle Surge 5-3 Atlanta FaZe

Seattle Surge kicked off the grand finals with a 250-217 Bocage Hardpoint. Pred was dominant in this map as he put up 36 kills and a 1.44 K/D to give Surge a 1-0 lead in the series. The following Search and Destroy also went the way of the Surge, yet again remaining on Bocage. This map went the whole distance and to a round 11, where Seattle Surge clutched up, and extended their series lead to 2-0.

Seattle continued their dominance in this Grand Final with a quick 3-0 Tuscan Control. Mack and Sib continued their excellent performance from this series and moved onto a Berlin Hardpoint. Atlanta FaZe began their comeback in the series with a 250-212 Berlin Hardpoint. While they started off with a big deficit, FaZe fought their way back into the series and got themselves back in the series.

The following Search and Destroy also went the way of Atlanta FaZe 6-3, before Seattle Surge stopped this run from FaZe with a 3-2 Berlin Control win. Moving back to Tuscan, FaZe clutched up and took a 6-4 victory. Seattle Surge closed out the series with a 250-196 Tuscan Hardpoint, taking the Grand Finals 5-3 and securing their first of the year.

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