Toronto Ultra Major 3 – Day 3 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

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Toronto Ultra Major 3 – Day 3 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

The Toronto Major continued with day three today, here’s everything that went down.

The Call of Duty League headed to Canada for the first time ever today as the Toronto Ultra Major 3 continued. Today, five more matches were played with some big stakes on the line. With it all to play for, here’s every result from today's matches and what the players had to say following their victories.

Toronto Ultra 3-0 Minnesota ROKKR

The hometown team Toronto Ultra walked into a sold out Mattamy Athletic Centre for the third day of Major 3 as they look to advance in their home Major. Following a Bocage Hardpoint defeat to Paris Legion yesterday, many fans doubted their map one pick. However, they proved everyone wrong with a 217-212 victory, taking the map down to the time. A few mistakes saw both sides missing valuable Hardpoint time, and while it came very close at the end it was the Toronto Ultra who pulled through with a victory, largely helped by Insight’s 36 kills and 1.57 K/D.

Toronto Ultra continued their run in this match with a 6-4 Tuscan Search and Destroy victory. Taking down the best Search and Destroy team in the league isn't easy, but Toronto did this through a brilliant all round performance, with Cammy only just topping the leaderboard with his 1.80 K/D. Ultra took a 2-0 lead in the series, however we all remember the infamous reverse sweep last year.

Matches against Minnesota ROKKR have never been easy for Toronto Ultra, but they eventually closed this one out with a 3-2 Berlin Control. Insight was sensational in the series as a whole, putting up a 1.42 K/D throughout. Ultra have suffered multiple reverse sweeps to the Minnesota ROKKR, and when asked about this, Insight told ESTNN “We tried a different approach in this match. Usually when we go up 2-0 in a series we get hype, this time we stayed calm because we know that momentum can switch fast in Call of Duty.”

Seattle Surge 3-1 Florida Mutineers

The Florida Mutineers kicked off this series with a well played 250-188 Tuscan Hardpoint victory. This was an all round great performance from the Mutineers, but we can look past Owakening’s dominance in this map as he put up 35 kills and a 1.46 K/D, seeing Florida take a 1-0 series lead.

Seattle Surge bounced back with a 6-4 Berlin Search and Destroy victory, coming back from a small deficit to take it. Sib suffered early on in this map, sitting at 2/5 in round 7. However, he turned up and ended the map 8/6 after earning full streaks during this turn in performance. The entire Surge roster went positive in this map, and moved onto a Tuscan Control.

After a strong showing in the first two maps, the Florida Mutineers found themselves up 20 in Tuscan Control. However, Seattle have been excellent in this since its addition to the map pool, and they proved this again with a reverse sweep to go 2-1 up in the series. Seattle Surge closed out the series with a 250-194 Berlin Hardpoint, where a crazy last few seconds saw Mack pick up a three piece.

Surge seem to be back to their best, and the form they were in during the Kickoff Classic. Accuracy told ESTNN, “People seem to have forgotten that we were one of the best teams in Major 2, we just had some unfortunate circumstances. We were just saying we need to get back to another Major and show what we can do.” Mack also noted the teams confidence, said “we expected to be top three.”

Atlanta FaZe 3-0 LA Thieves

Atlanta FaZe kicked off this series with a Gavutu Hardpoint, winning 250-138. Abezy was missing for the majority of the map, having just 37 engagements throughout the entire map one, however the remainder of the Atlanta FaZe players were dominant, especially Cellium as he dropped 23 kills and a 1.77 K/D.

The Search and Destroy was more than dominant, with Atlanta FaZe completely sweeping the LA Thieves 6-0. The whole roster was excellent here, but aBeZy bounced back from his map one performance, and the recent controversy as he went 6/1 throughout map two. Finally the series was closed out with a 3-0 Control win for the 3-0 series sweep. While the game crashed in round three, the same result came through following the restart as FaZe dominated the Thieves, and headed to winners finals.

Cellium’s performances took a small hit a few weeks ago, but he’s returned to his dominance with his 1.77 K/D in map one. “This game is just built for me”, Cellium told ESTNN, which Simp followed up with “this guys a beast.”

Toronto Ultra 3-0 Florida Mutineers

Toronto Ultra came ready to impress the home crowd, and with the crowd showing up on Saturday, Ultra had to deliver. Map one saw CleanX put up 85 engagements in the map, a massive number which included 47 kills. His 1.24 K/D pushed Toronto Ultra to a 250-214 Bocage Hardpoint win, putting them 1-0 up in the series.

Map two was more than dominant from Toronto Ultra as Insight went 11/2 putting up a 5.50 K/D. This Berlin Search and Destroy saw Toronto Ultra go 2-0 up in the series and look extremely good to take their second 3-0 sweep of the day and advance to Losers Semi Finals. Toronto continued their dominance and picked up their second 3-0 sweep of the day securing a flawless day with no map losses. This 3-1 Berlin Control win saw Cammy drop 32 kills, while Insight dominated throughout the series with a 1.36 K/D.

Ultra have been exceptional throughout this Major, “No red meat, no sushi” was the only rule from Ultra coach MarkyB heading into tomorrow. “Insight got food poisoning and that's why Scrappy played” he told ESTNN, so Toronto will be chilling tonight, and preparing for tomorrow's possible three matches.

LA Thieves 3-1 OpTic Texas

OpTic Texas began this series with dominance, winning 250-190 on Gavutu Hardpoint. Shotzzy was the main slayer, putting up 33 kills and a 1.14 K/D, while Dashy also dropped a 1.25 K/D as he continues his great performances on Gavutu. In the Search and Destroy, OpTic Texas went up 4-1 on Berlin, with Shotzzy dropping 11 kills throughout the map. However, Dashy then fell off the map, and a series of unfortunate events led to an LA Thieves comeback, winning 6-5 and tying the series 1-1.

LA Thieves took this momentum through map three and completely dominated with a 3-0 Berlin Control win. This was the start of Kenny’s monster performance in this series as he put up 29 kills with a 1.71 K/D in the Control, before moving on to 32 kills and a 1.60 K/D in the following Berlin Hardpoint where they took a 250-170 victory to take the series 3-1.

Octane told ESTNN that his improvement recently has been down to “individual confidence”. “I started to focus on myself instead of the whole team, and I think that’s what has led to this improvement.”

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