Toronto Ultra Major 3 – Day 2 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

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Toronto Ultra Major 3 – Day 2 Recap and Exclusive Interviews

The Toronto Major continued with day two today, here’s everything that went down.

The Call of Duty League headed to Canada for the first time ever today as the Toronto Ultra Major 3 got underway. Today, five  matches were played with some big stakes on the line as the four teams would be heading home. With it all to play for, here’s every result from today's matches and what the players had to say following their victories.

London Royal Ravens 3-1 New York Subliners

The London Royal Ravens have been struggling so far since the addition of Harry to the roster. However, while they haven’t been great overall, they looked much better here on map one. This Berlin Hardpoint went in favour of the Royal Ravens 250-135 with all players going positive in this excellent map for London. 

The New York Subliners picked up 8 of the 11 first bloods in this Bocage Search and Destroy, including the final two rounds. However, with no clutch ability whatsoever, it was the London Royal Ravens who came out with the victory and a 2-0 series lead. 

A 6 minute and 23 second Gavutu Control then followed, with the New York Subliners bringing themselves back into the series with a 3-0 Control victory. Hydra went 23/11 in this map, completely dominating and putting pressure on the Royal Ravens as they extended the series and started the reverse sweep. However, the London Royal Ravens took the series in a 3-1 victory following a 250-192 Tuscan Hardpoint win. ESTNN asked Zer0 how the team bounced back following the 3-0 Control loss, he said “We just laughed it off really. You have to move on and forget about it. I even said we got 3-0’d so quickly that we can move on and beat them quicker in the Hardpoint.”

OpTic Texas 3-0 Los Angeles Guerrillas

OpTic Texas kicked off this series with a 250-186 Bocage Hardpoint. Shotzzy was extremely dominant during this match, going on a 7 spree and putting up 36 kills in the map. When asked about his Bocage dominance, Shotzzy told ESTNN “That map is my playground. It allows me to do anything I want and no play I do is wrong.” Coach Rambo then chipped in jokingly saying “That's debatable.” However, Dashy was also incredible with 37 kills and a 1.37 K/D using the Automaton, proving that ARs are still important on Bocage. 

The map two Hardpoint was a similar affair with OpTic Texas winning 6-2 on Berlin. However this time Dashy dropped 0 kills, but Scump’s 11/4 map was good enough to bring OpTic Texas a victory, and a 2-0 series lead. Dashy continued to perform in the Control as he put up 35 kills and a 2.69 K/D, leading his OpTic Texas team to a 3-1 series win. This sees OpTic move on to play the London Royal Ravens later on today.

Toronto Ultra 3-1 Paris Legion

Paris Legion have been big fans of Bocage Hardpoint recently, playing it in almost every match. While GRVTY is always frying on Bocage, the Paris Legion usually suffer a loss. Not this time. Paris took a 1-0 lead in the series through a 250-149 victory, with GRVTY dominating as usual with his 1.71 K/D topping the leaderboard. However, it was a rare complete performance from Paris Legion, with the entire roster going positive, outslaying Toronto Ultra by 27 kills.

Toronto Ultra have shown up in Search and Destroy in front of the home crowd so far this weekend, and that didn't change at all in map two. A 6-2 Tuscan Search and Destroy win saw Ultra defeat Paris Legion on their best Search and Destroy map, with CleanX completely taking over as he put up 14 kills and earned streaks, getting just three deaths in the whole map resulting in a 4.67 K/D. Ultra have now won 6 straight Search and Destroy matches, and not dropped more than 3 rounds in any of these last six. When asked about their Search and Destroy excellence, Bance told ESTNN, “We don't really have too many strats, we just play off of information. The other three boys have grinded SnD, so I’ve learnt everything from them. But I think we just play off each other.”

The series continued on Tuscan for the map three Control, and Toronto Ultra continued their streak of Control victories against Paris Legion with a 3-1 win. The teamwork from Ultra was impeccable as usual in this match, and Cammy showed up for the Control as he dropped 27 kills with a 1.42 K/D. The hometown team closed out the series 3-1 and advanced through the losers bracket following a 250-161 Tuscan Hardpoint win, where the whole roster were exceptional, and look great heading into Saturday.

Minnesota ROKKR 3-0 Boston Breach

Minnesota ROKKR suffered a defeat to the LA Thieves yesterday in their first game of the Major, however today they took down Boston Breach and advanced to Saturdays matches. The series began with a Bocage Hardpoint that went the distance, seeing ROKKR take it 245-244. When asked about this incredible match, Minnesota ROKKR Coach Saiint told ESTNN, “It was stressful from a coach point of view. Colt (Havok) told Eli (Standy) to stay down, so shout out to him for the win.”

The series continued onto a Desert Siege Search and Destroy that was taken by ROKKR once again in a 6-3 scoreline. This was a great well rounded map from ROKKR, who continue to impress in Search and Destroy and continue to top the leaderboards. Finally to close out the series ROKKR won Tuscan Control 3-1. Havok and Standy dominated as ROKKRs SMG duo just like they did in the Hardpoint as Havok dropped a 1.61 K/D and Standy put up a 1.48.

Havok has brought some big improvements to the Minnesota ROKKR lineup, and Priestahh told ESTNN that this was down to his communications. “Colt is very vocal when we are watching vod and in game, he brings a lot of knowledge of the game and helps us in that sense.”

OpTic Texas 3-0 London Royal Ravens

OpTic Texas kicked off this series with a Gavutu Hardpoint, a dangerous map choice against the Ravens. However, they performed extremely well and took a 250-198 victory to start the series with a 1-0 lead. While the map favours long range engagements, Shotzzy was the player to top the leaderboard, putting up 30 kills and a 1.50 K/D in map one.

The London Royal Ravens started the map two Bocage Search and Destroy in dominant fashion, gaining a 5-1 lead and looking likely to close out the map. However, OpTic Texas completely turned the map around, going on to win five straight rounds and therefore the map, with Scump turning his 3/5 performance to 10/5 in the process. OpTic Texas took a 2-0 series lead, and headed to their best mode, Control.

After suffering a Tuscan Control defeat to the Florida Mutineers in yesterday's match, OpTic decided to play it again here against the Royal Ravens. In stark contrast, OpTic took a 3-0 victory here to take the series 3-0 too. When asked about what OpTic changed for this match, Scump told ESTNN “We didn’t really change anything from the Florida match. I think we just got a better read on how London played.” In a follow up question, Scump noted how OpTic “played together and adapted” to pull off the 5-1 comeback in map two.

The Toronto Ultra Major 3 continues tomorrow with five more matches as we get ever closer to crowning our Major 3 Champions. Thinking about throwing a bet down during the Major? Be sure to check out our CoD betting tips!

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