Top 5 Most-Followed Esports Channels On Twitch

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Top 5 Most-Followed Esports Channels On Twitch

Twitch is one of the best streaming platforms in our modern world.

The Amazon-owned platform gave rise to a wide range of platforms in the streaming industry. In some cases, it is the sole reason for their multi-million statuses. Streamers on this platform work day and night to ensure that they surpass their goals and objectives and get more followers. Such entities measure their success using the number of followers that they have. The top five most-followed esports channels on Twitch include:

1. Ninja

You shouldn’t be surprised to find Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja on this list. Ninja has more than 16 million followers and he is leading by a huge margin. Most people referred to him as the Face of Fortnite when the game went viral. He helped in popularizing it and ended up becoming a spokesperson for the gaming community.

Over the years, Ninja has done a lot of amazing things. He started his career as a Halo 3 player. His Twitch channel and viewership exploded when he played PUBG and later went to Fortnite where his channel became the most followed on Twitch. He was also the first person to move to Mixer. Microsoft offered him a huge contract to stream on his platform. After the shutdown of Mixer, Ninja went back to Twitch where is streaming at the moment. He is currently exploring new stuff at League of the Legends.

2. Tfue

Turner Tenney, also known as Tfue comes in second place due to the number of followers that he has. Over the years, he has managed to garner more than ten million followers on his Twitch account. He is one of the best players of Fortnite in the world. His YouTube channel has more than 12 million subscribers. Back in 2019, he made news after he filed a lawsuit against Faze Clan for pressuring him into underage drinking and illegal gambling while taking away his winnings as a professional player on esports. Both parties agreed to settle their differences outside of court. You should always go for the best payout casinos to avoid gambling issues

3. Rubius

Ruben Gundersen is a Norwegian-Spanish player and streamer who became popular through his YouTube channel before going to Twitch. His Twitch channel appears third on our list of the most followed. He currently has 9.5 million followers and his YouTube channel is quite popular with more than 40 million subscribers. Rubius is popular for a lot of things including gambling at the highest payout casinos in Australia together with his friends. He is also popular for breaking the world record and sending the most retweeted tweet. While streaming Fortnite, he managed to break the record for most current viewers which was held by Ninja and Drake.

4. Shroud

Michael Grzesiek or popularly known as Shroud holds the fourth position on our list with more than 9.4 million followers. This Canadian was a full-time content creator on YouTube and Twitch before he started spending most of his time playing Cloud 9 and Complexity Gaming.

Back in 2019, he left Twitch and signed a contract with Mixer where he would go on to stream exclusively for Mixer to increase his audience. As Mixer began shutting down in 2020, Twitch stepped in and Shroud got released from his contract. He was finally back to his starting point. Shroud became one of the most popular streamers and among the first creators to gain popularity in the rise of PUBG and Battle Royale.

5. Auronplay

Raul Genes, popularly known as Auronplay is one of the biggest content creators in the world. Apart from his Twitch channel which has more than 9.1 million followers, he also has a YouTube channel that has taken third place in all of Spain. He has more than 28 million subscribers on YouTube. Auronplay doesn’t spend too much of his time playing games online since he likes streaming a wide range of things. He has played huge games like Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V together with other small titles which have helped him acquire a huge audience. The most interesting thing about him is he started his Twitch channel two years ago. And he has managed to achieve some of the biggest goals that the average player would only dream of.

Bonus channel: Riot Games

Riot Games is an American video games organization and a popular esports organizer. They use their channel on Twitch to Livestream championships while emphasizing the European and North American League of Legends Championship Series. The founders of Riot Games are Marc Merril and Brandon Beck. Back in 2009, they released the League of Legends using the freemium model. They operate these servers in different parts of the world. And in most cases, with local versions of the game. They live stream legend tournaments and repeat them when there are no live tournaments


Twitch is one of the best platforms that has been rising in popularity since it was started. The pandemic forced a lot of people to log in to the platform to entertain themselves. And this led to the rise of the names that we’ve discussed here. Follow these people if you want to get to where they are today.

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