The Top 4 Reasons People Love Esports

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The Top 4 Reasons People Love Esports

Why are millions of dollars and piles of cold hard cash being thrown around for esports investments and prize-pools?  One of the answers is the fanbase that continues to grow.  Esports also provides experiences that you cannot get anywhere else.  Here are a couple of reasons why people flock to the scene and get so excited about esports.

The Personalities And Casters

The broadcasting talent involved in esports events do a fantastic job of relating to other gamers through content, experiences, and passion. Often times the personality has given up a traditional career path and worked his or her tail off to be featured at events. For example, the now famous “Day 9” literally gave up everything to move to Korea for a year with almost no pay to chase his esports dream.  He was practically living in a ditch when he was there. That passion inspires others. People will often go to events just to meet some of these folks.

Casting in esports is ridiculously hard as the action happens so fast.  There are people in this field that just truly excel at it by making it look easy.  They also have to bring the “hype” every single match or risk alienating the fanbase. The broadcasting talent of these people is really tough to find elsewhere.

The Teams And Players

Esports teams are not just based in one country, but exist all over the globe. People attach meaning to these teams and root for them religiously. With awesome graphics, talented players and unique content, these teams create new fans everyday.

A fair amount of the famous players have been ridiculed and alienated by friends and family for chasing their esports dream. Hardships and obstacles were overcome for these players to play in tournaments and for reputable teams.  This includes players that have beaten anxiety, depression, illnesses, absent fathers, self doubt, and family issues to compete.

The Stories

In today’s society we are all looking through the overcrowded amount of information in our lives for a good entertaining story. Many esports professionals create these fantastic stories.  There are upsets that happen all of the time and millionaires get made at big events.  Recently an esports team that was predicted to finish 18/18 in the tournament won 1st place and over 10 million dollars.

The Game

People come to esports because of the love for the game.  Most esports fans spend their money and free time to enjoy the game. Watching professionals play these difficult games with precision and high skill is a real joy for fans. The esports pros often offer fans really creative strategies or completely different play-styles than was thought possible. The players master their craft and compete against the top tier talents.

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