Top 10 Rare Fortnite Skins

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Top 10 Rare Fortnite Skins

Besides the crafting, shooting, and looting that lays the foundations of the immensely popular Fortnite Battle Royale, there is another area in which players find themselves dedicated to: Fortnite Skins. These skins play a massive role in the online shooter as players look to stand out from the rest of the crowd with their outfits. You can also use a Fortnite Value Calculator to see what each skin is actually worth, depending on its rarity. With that being said, here are the 10 rarest skins that could be acquired in the game.

1. The Merry Marauder

Given the time of year, let's start off proceedings with a rare festive skin. As you can tell, this skin was aimed for players to celebrate the Christmas season and it proved to be one of the rarest skins that you could find.

The skin itself, which poses a gingerbread man with a less than happy expression on his face, was released in the game back in the Holiday season of 2017. What made this skin so rare was the fact that it was only available for such a limited time, which is completely understandable given the theme that surrounds it. So, if you did manage to get this skin, remember to wear it with pride over the festive period.

2. Ghoul Trooper

Sticking with festive skins, the Ghould Trooper is another example of a cosmetic upgrade that was only available during a particular period of the year. The rarity of this skin was Epic, and as to be expected being on this list is no longer in rotation.

The Ghoul Trooper was available to players during a promotion in Halloween in 2017. Fortnite's popularity really kicked in the following year, which explains why this particular skin is considered quite rare as of today.

3. The Reaper

The suave, John Wick-esque skin is next on our list, and it most certainly deserves a spot given how limited the options were for obtaining it. Not only was it difficult to obtain at the time, but it also came out way back in Season 3, which was quite an early period of Fortnite that many players now may have missed out on.

The only way that you could hope to unlock this skin was with the Season 3 Battle Pass, and players would need to get to Tier 100 to unlock it. So it goes without saying that the game certainly made you earn it, but it proved to be rarer than expected given that only a small percentage of players at the time were willing to put the time in to acquire it.

4. Recon Expert

On the subject of going back in time, the Recon Expert goes all the way back to the first-ever season of Fortnite. At first glance, you are probably thinking what everyone else was at the time, in that it is a pretty plain and boring skin to look at. But if you did decide to get a hold of this skin, then you certainly have yourself a very rare gem indeed.

Looking at the outfit, you can understand why many players wouldn't have opted to go after it, especially since there were better-looking skins even at this early period of the game. It is highly unlikely that the developers are going to put it back out there either, so even with its rather bland style, it is still one of the most elusive skins out there!

5. Sparkle Specialist

Another rare Epic skin that is no longer in rotation was the Sparkle Specialist. The skin itself is far easier on the eye than a lot of the others that you will have found on this list.

This themed skin that would not have been lost on any dance floor was also there for players to get their groovy hands-on back in Season 2, though rather strangely it hasn't appeared since. Sadly, if you fancied dancing the night away on the battlefield, then you might have a job on your hands trying to find it.

6. Renegade Raider

Unlike a couple of the other Season 1 skins that you will find on this list, the Renegade Raider is slightly more popular, and not as difficult or as boring to look at.

It still doesn't pop as much as the other cosmetics that you could get, or even the ones that were available to you at the time, but it did have a bit of something that stood out from the default outfits that are given. And of course, its sheer rarity comes from just how early the skin was released in the game, which was available once players reached level 20.

7. The Royale Bomber

This particular skin was always likely to make the list, given that it was only available to those who owned the game on PS4. Not only that, but it was a part of a themed bundle when Epic Games started to branch out with releasing cosmetics through real-world methods through a variety of items.

As for the timeframe, it was only available in Summer 2018 before being promptly replaced by a new bundle. What's more, the skin was only available for players in Europe. So not only was it a tight release window, but it was also only available on a certain platform in a certain region. Needless to say, it’s a skin of very high value.

8. Galaxy

There is another skin on this list that was also exclusive to a certain platform: The Galaxy skin, which coincidentally was the most expensive skin on the market upon release.

The Galaxy cosmetic was only available to those who pre-ordered either the Samsung Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Tab S4, which would cost you upwards of $400 back then. Where the Royale Bomber was only available to PS4, the Galaxy skin was only able to be obtained on one particular platform.

9. Aerial Assault Trooper

Going back to Season 1 again, and this skull trooper once again falls under the same category of the Recon Expert, in that it was overlooked by how basic the skin was on the surface.

Looking at the skin, it does look rather tame, and doesn't really stand out from the crowd when it comes to the other cosmetics that were on offer even at the time. It is very similar to the skin that players are given as a default at the start of the game, so it’s understandable as to why many avoided it, but it now stands as one of the rarest Fortnite you could possibly find.

10. The Black Knight

So far, a fair number of the skins that we have been discussing have not exactly been the most eye-catching, but that certainly stops with the Black Knight. This ominous-looking skin is another extremely rare entity, and its appearance was a testament to how long that you had been putting into Fortnite way back in Season 2.

What made the outfit particularly rare, as with others, was the requirements on how to get it. Players who wanted to sport the Black Knight outfit would have to have hit the Tier 70 level cap at the time, which was unheard of for a lot of players given that it wasn't anywhere near as popular at the time as it is today.

These 10 Fortnite skins are arguably the rarest that you could possibly find. If you manage to grab a hold of one of these skins, or if you already have one in your possession, then be sure to check out a Fortnite Value Calculator to see what they might be worth. You never know. Having seen this list you may have a hidden gem within your ranks!

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