The Technology Powering The Boom In Online Gaming

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The Technology Powering The Boom In Online Gaming

We take a look at the increased popularity of online gaming.

Sales from the global gaming industry reached over $125 billion in 2018 and are expected to grow to $300 billion by 2025. This is a booming industry that isn’t going anywhere, and thanks to the parallel popularity of online gambling (which harnesses and utilizes many of the same technologies of online gaming, selling the concept to a broader audience) it is one almost everyone can engage with. Online Casitabi casinos use many of the same graphics, concepts and strategies as online gaming companies, and the boom in both industries is being powered by technology.

A Brief History of Gaming

In a relatively short period of time, technology has changed the way in which people game. When online gameplay was first introduced in the 1980s thanks to the internet being more available, dial-up bulletin board systems were used for online game playing. By the 1990s, better graphics and multimedia abilities saw a boom in online gaming and by the 2000s, mobile phones with gaming abilities were developed, with the market for gaming developing across all sectors. Mobile game apps have continued to grow since this point, and virtual reality has also been something developers have been seriously exploring since around 2012, although it is only in recent years that this has been a usable and marketable prospect from a consumer point of view.

The Huge Rise of Mobile Gaming

The technology that is growing most rapidly in the online gaming arena right now is the rise of mobile gaming. From 2016 to the present, the global mobile app gaming market has grown more than any other aspect of the industry, and it is estimated to have a value of $72.3 billion right now. The fact is, almost everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket and developers are seeing the huge potential in marketing these as mobile gaming devices. It is thought that this year as much as 50% of gaming will be undertaken on either mobile or tablet devices. The gaming industry is clearly focusing on developing this sector and establishing how to turn this interest into a profitable form of entertainment both for themselves and for consumers.

The Development of Cloud Gaming

For many consumers, the costs involved in gaming can be prohibitive. The onset of cloud gaming seeks to remove this barrier, providing access to gaming to anyone with a reliable internet connection. Admittedly, this technology is still in its infancy. The market for cloud gaming services is still very young. But game consumers have demonstrated that there is a market for affordable gaming, and the ability to play and comment on games. Interacting with other gamers is a very high form of social outreach. It is these two elements (one technological and one social) that will help to drive the market and encourage first-time game players of whatever age to become more engaged with the industry and see the world of video gaming as a world that is right for them.

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