The Sims 5 free-to-play? A Job Post Suggests It

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The Sims 5 free-to-play? A Job Post Suggests It

Electronic Arts has recently published a job announcement that would seem to imply that The Sims 5 will be released on the market in free-to-play form. This solution was also used in the past for The Sims 4 which, after its paid landing, became a free-to-play game, enjoying great success internationally.

Will The Sims 5 be free-to-play?

To notice the detail that suggests this direction to be taken by Electronic Arts was the same community of the game that found a job offer for a “head of monetization and the internal store of Project Rene”, name in code of The Sims 5. Furthermore, in the job offer, it is expressly indicated that whoever will be selected will have the task of managing the free-to-play monetization practices.

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Therefore, whoever gets the job will have to manage The Sims 5 internal store, which will feature both free and paid content, study the purchases of various users “maximizing value for players, optimizing player spending patterns and minimizing player churn.” That is to say that this professional figure will have to make sure to entice game users to spend money, preventing them from deciding to leave the game due to a lack of content.

Another important thing to underline is that whoever is selected for this position will also have the task of deciding the prices of the contents in the store, creating a structure that is able to maximize profits. Furthermore, he will also have to give indications to the development team on the in-game needs that players will express over time, in order to be able to satisfy them.

This will of Electronic Arts to focus on the free-to-play model also for the next chapter of the famous series of The Sims is certainly not new. Just think of the lasting success it is having with the fourth chapter, as well as the success and earnings it is having from Apex Legends, which makes use of the same economic scheme, albeit a completely different game.

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