The Future of Esports: Will They Rise or Dwindle?

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The Future of Esports: Will They Rise or Dwindle?

Even though video gaming competitions are not a new thing, we can say that eSports took their current form pretty recently. As video games started becoming more complex and more sophisticated in the 21st century, competitions began attracting more attraction.

Today, eSports is slowly becoming a spectator sport because 40% of viewers do not play the games they are watching. They’re in just for fun.

So, what does the future of eSports look like? We cannot tell for sure, but judging from the staggering numbers presented in the infographic below and created by the team at NJ Games, we can expect eSports to grow and become even more influential in the future.

One of the interesting data we should consider is the total eSports revenue, which is experiencing constant growth. In 2012, the total revenue from game publisher investment, online advertising merchandise, sponsorships, tickets, and licensing was $130 million.

Compare that to the total revenue of $1.385 billion expected in 2021, and you realize just how insanely quickly eSports industry is developing.

One thing that could definitely determine the future of eSports is the Olympic Games. It has long been debated whether they should become a part of the Olympic Games, and there are more and more people who support such an idea.

The IOC committee is about to make a decision for the 2024 Paris games, where eSports could make a debut as a demonstration sport. Until then, eSports will appear at the 2022 Asian Games, where they are already included as a medal event.

However, there are still those who oppose such an idea. For example, the Olympics president has an issue with excessive violence in eSports and does not agree they should be a part of the Games.

All we can do is wait and see what happens. Before that, check out the infographic below to get a better idea of how the future of eSports might unfold.

Esports Infographic

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