The Best Free-Kick Takers in EA FC 24

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The Best Free-Kick Takers in EA FC 24

Change the game instantly with the best free-kick takers in EA FC 24

Any and every EA FC 24 fan loves free-kicks, and the adrenaline pumping before a set-piece situation is one of the best things in the game, bettered only by the pure joy of seeing one curling into the back of the net.

However, free-kicks are challenging and require specialists who can bend the ball spectacularly beyond the keeper and skill from the gamers themselves. The best free-kick takers in EA FC 24 can be a point of difference, creating a goal with one sublime swing of their boot.

Ranking the best free-kick takers in EA FC 24

Free-kick takers are specialists who are hard to come by, so having one in your team can give you a significant advantage. The two most vital aspects of being a great free-kick taker are possessing high stats for free-kick accuracy and curve.

While having a high shot power can also prove to be advantageous, the ability to accurately curl a ball into the corner is the most crucial. A tip when building your team – players with Dead Ball style are likely to have an edge as set piece takers.

With all those factors considered, here are the best free-kick takers in EA FC 24.

10. Kieran Trippier – 85

The best free-kick takers in EA FC 24

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Full-back can often be a tricky position in building the squad as there aren’t many high-rated fullbacks in the game. Trippier has an overall rating of 85, and on top of that, he is a set-piece specialist, making the right-back a unicorn in the game.

The Newcastle captain has 87 ratings for both free-kick accuracy and curve to go with his 86 rating for long passing and a Dead Ball style. This means that not only can he bend it into the top corner directly, but he can be handy as a corner taker as well.

9. Neymar Jr – 89


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The Brazilian trickster is a fan favourite for his five-star skill moves, but he is deadly as a free-kick taker as well. Neymar has a rating of 87 for free-kick accuracy and 88 for curve, so any free-kick you get within 25 yards of the goal, you can back him to score.

While he may not have the high shot power needed for long-range free-kicks, the 31-year-old is one of the best penalty-takers in EA FC 24, with 91 stat for penalties and 93 stat for composure.

8. Vincenzo Grifo – 82


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Perhaps one of the lesser-known players on the list, Vincenzo Grifo is an interesting player to consider for your Ultimate Team. While his free-kick-taking credentials aren’t in doubt, he has 88 accuracy, 89 curve and a dead ball style, where he fits in a team can be argued.

A left midfielder with just 71 Pace, he will probably be the best fit for a 4-4-2 formation as a wide playmaker. He has 85 shot power which will allow him to be dangerous from long-range free-kicks as well.

7. Angel Di Maria – 83


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Fans of EA FC 24 would have known Angel Di Maria for his electrifying pace in the previous versions of the game. While the Argentine has lost a significant amount of pace with age, he still is one of the best free-kick takers in the game.

His 92 curve is the stand-out stat to go with his 88 rating for free-kick accuracy. As a left-footer, he can give your team a unique option with a different angle of delivery which can make it difficult for the opposition to defend his free-kicks.

6. Paulo Dybala – 86

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Another diminutive left-footed Argentine on the list, Dybala is a menace from free-kicks of all sorts. Boasting an 88 rating for free-kick accuracy and an 89 rating for curve, he can curl short-range free-kicks into the top corner.

However, the Roma man also has 89 ratings for long shots and has a Dead Ball playing style, which will allow gamers to pose a threat from long ranges when they draw a foul further from the penalty box.

5. Mapi Leon – 89


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Center-backs aren’t usually a team’s designated set-piece takers but if you can get Barcelona women’s team star Mapi Leon in your Ultimate Team, you will probably want her taking free-kicks from any range.

Not only does she have 88 ratings for free-kick accuracy and 87 for curve, but she also has 89 shot power and 87 long shots, which makes her dangerous from any distance. Besides the fun sight a CB running in to take free-kicks is just too good to miss.

4. Alexia Putellas – 91


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Most teams struggle to have one good free-kick taker in their team, but Barcelona women have two of the best in the game. Like her teammate Mapi, the joint highest-rated player in the game is an exceptional all-round free-kick taker.

Putellas possesses 89 ratings for free-kick accuracy, curve and long shots, which would make her effective from any range. To go with those, she also has 91 ratings for long passing and penalties, so she would be a great corner and penalty taker for your team as well.

3. Dani Parejo – 86

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The Villareal veteran is a complete set-piece specialist and as a central midfielder, can easily fit into your team, regardless of whether you play the 4-3-3, which is used by many top clubs, 4-3-1-2 diamond or any other formation.

He has a staggering 91 rating for free-kick accuracy and an 88 rating for curve along with a Dead Ball playing style. Parejo will also be your team’s designated penalty and corner taker, so it is like having an all-in-one package.

2. Lionel Messi – 90

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The only surprise with Messi on this list is perhaps the fact that he is in second place and not first. The Argentine captain has an otherworldly 93 rating for both free-kick accuracy and curve, and he can curl anything around the box into the top corner.

If you are lucky enough to have Lionel Messi in your team, he will likely draw a lot of fouls around the box, as the opposition usually has no other way of stopping him. When he does draw those fouls, you can put the free-kicks away in style with Messi, a foolproof strategy.

1. James Ward-Prowse – 78

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The best free-kick taker in EA FC 24 is James Ward Prowse with a 94 rating in free-kick accuracy and a 92 rating in curve. Surprisingly he is the lowest overall rated player in this top 10 list of best free-kick takers in the game.

However, he can be a very potent player, especially when you are starting your team and have a low average team rating. With Ward-Prowse you can play in a slightly defensive way against superior teams and use his devastating free-kicks as a weapon to snatch away victories.

The Best Free-Kick Takers in EA FC 24
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